Now, Blake Farenthold

Blake Farenthold (R-TX) has been discovered to have used $84K in taxpayers’ money to settle a sexual harassment case. Not a lot of excitement for him to step down.

I’m not sure how I will remember this jackass years from now: the guy who used taxpayer money to settle a harassment claim and then Paul Ryan and others clammed up on whether he should step down…

… or for this.

You’re actually equating the two incidents?

Sometimes a joke is just a joke.

At this rate I worry that all of these Dems and Repubs getting busted for harassment might form a third party.

Maybe not the same, but of a piece: he said that some legislation was held up by “some female senators from the Northeast,” and said that had she been a man from Texas he would’ve challenged her to a duel (#notshittingyou). Collins had seen a picture of him wearing a onesie covered in ducks, posing next to a Playboy bunny.

She made fun of his appearance on that occasion, but ferchrissakes, she was provoked.

Farenthold does not, lemme think how to say this, come across as the paragon of a feminist dude.

Like many lame parties before it this will be a total sausage fest.

Of ways in which I might remember this jackass? It’s just like saying, “I’m not sure how I will think of OJ Simpson in the future – as a murderer or the guy in the Hertz commercials.” Doesn’t mean murder and running in an airport are being equated.

I have the misfortune of being one of Mr. Farenthold’s constitutuents. I’m going to be doing my best to make sure he is not re-elected next year. Fortunately there are some Democrats challenging him. Unfortunately the Democratic Party in my area has become weak lately, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins re-election next year.

This has actually been bouncing aroung in political circles most of the week, but it had been overshadowed by Franken/Conyers.

I’ve read stories about it on Politico but most folks that I talk to haven’t heard a thing about it.

The local news stations and newspaper have also had minimal coverage of this. Instead the big news was a recent visit by Melania Trump and Karen Pence to the area, and now a snowstorm that we had last night. There has been no to minimal local coverage of the accusations against Mr. Farenthold, and minimal outrage about the lack of coverage.

Edited to add. There’s more info here on the dope regarding the Farenthold situation than there has been in the local paper and all the local new stations combined.

We’re gonna to need a bigger Ethics Panel.

There’s rumors swirling that we are gonna need a MUCH bigger ethics panel.

Seeing as how getting more ethics is out of the question.

Let he who has not used thousands of $$ of taxpayer money to settle a harassment claim throw the first stone.

It’s going to be a she who casts that stone.

Sorry, Biblical references tend to come across as mono-gendered.

He has resigned:

He’s just looking for “new ways to serve”. I have a few ideas.