Dennis Miller: You're neither smart, nor funny

Ohmygod, wakimika, I came in here to write almost exactly what you wrote. This is what I had in mind:

Just because a guy almost knows how to use a thesaurus doesn’t make him smart; just because he’s a skilled smirker doesn’t make him funny.

I thought the last thesaurus died in the Pleistocene.

Har. That was almost a Dennis Miller joke, Chef. Only he would have said “expired.”

“…and so folks, it was like she metastasized the gall in my gallbladder, it was like Alexander the Great telling Andulas and the eastern Khalifates, hey, it’s not just about size, know what I mean, sister?..”

blah blah blah ::pokes in the eye:: blah blah blah, just stfu dennis


You said “much of what NASA does has immediate practical implications… GPS, Weather Satellites, etc”

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is not in the GPS or Weather Satellite business. The GPS constellation is owned by the United States Air Force, they provide the funding and oversight. Civilian applications have taken off in the last few years but they have nothing to do with NASA. NOAA (National Oceanagraphic and Atmospheric Administration) handles most of the United States’ weather satellite needs. This is not to say that NASA plays no role but they are not in charge of either of your examples.

A better example would have been the Hubble Space Telescope or the International Space Station, both of which are primary NASA endeavors, not to mention the Space Shuttle.

Now more in line with your OP I would venture to say that Dennis Miller is a comedian and should be taken as such. Lack of formal training in any given area lends itself to verbal diarrhea. Hence I take Mr. Miller’s words with a grain of salt.


A lot of entertainment industry individuals should learn to shut the fuck up due to their vast ignorance regarding global political or even US political situations.


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The joke was that he and Arriana Huffington bumped into each other and both went in opposite directions.


This thread has got to be the lamest exercise in entertainment criticism since the Pretenders lit up with Zamfir’s pipes during the Carter Administration.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Join the club!

I used to be a big fan of Miller, but he has recently gone way down hill lately. Recently, instead of witty insights, he just takes cheap shots at democrats. He used to be semi-independent but now he just looks like a political hack. IMO, he just sold out.

I think he meant that when NASA has a mission, they often learn stuff that leads to practical applications in other stuff.

Well, I agree that Dennis Miller is neither smart nor funny. But at least he now votes appropriately.

I also think they should shut down NASA. However, I figured along the lines of the OP, that it was peanuts to run. I was pretty shocked to read Sofa King’s analysis that

I had no idea so much cash was being wasted on NASA.

a) NASA delivers practically zero to technology. And what it does contribute is dwarfed to zero by what can be accomplished on far less by startups funded by market forces instead of government mandate.
b) NASA delivers nothing in the way of national pride and charisma. It did back in the late sixties, but that’s two generations ago. Today, when a shuttle takes off or lands, it doesn’t even make the evening news. No person on the street could name a single current astronaut.
c) NASA is dangerous. If the San Francisco airport had the same success rate as NASA’s shuttle, an aircraft would explode once every ten minutes. It’s a well-established fact in scientific circles that the vast majority of the work done by NASA astronauts could be done by much better and way way cheaper by robots, but is not because of the supposed “national pride” value. (but see #b above).

The whole thing is a sham. The space station exists to justify the shuttle, and the shuttle exists to justify the station. It’s a huge waste and should be shut down immediately. Hell, in five years we’d have Iraq paid off, and the money would’ve done some good.