Dental Hygiene

There’s this one commercial, maybe you’ve seen it. It has mouthwash in it and the mouthwash is so good, it’ll clean between your teeth as good as battery acid… I mean, “as good as dental floss”. That’s what they say: “Our mouthwash is so good, it’ll clean the plaque from between your teeth as good as that yucky old “dental floss” stuff that you only use if you’re an old fogey dinosaur or something, because young, hip people clean out their between-tooth plaque with our super-keen mouthwash!” I think it’s for Listerine. Or maybe Scope. You know this stuff really works like gangbusters because they have animated mouthwash sluicing and slaloming through little cartoon teeth like nobody’s business. And the little cartoon teeth are sparkly as can be when it’s all over.

This has me worried. What if everyone starts using the mouthwash and the whole Dental Floss Industry tanks? That would be sad because I’m flossing now (but not right now) and the last time I was at the dentist, the hygienist commented on the fine shape of my teeth, and how I must floss regularly. (As opposed to irregularly, like holding the floss with your feet?) I do have to use special skinny floss to fit between some of my teeth because they are kind of close together and regular floss goes snap when it finally gets between my teeth and that makes my gums hurt, which I don’t like. Another thing about the floss that I don’t like is the regular sized floss comes in cinnamon, but my skinny floss only comes in “regular” and mint flavors. I’d like my skinny floss to come in cinnamon. That would be nice. Not as nice as if it came in banana flavor and I could get toothpaste to match, but I don’t want to set my hopes too high. I mean, banana flavored toothpaste and dental floss? Not likely. But tooth-care science has progressed to the point of cinnamon toothpaste and dental floss. Just not in skinny dental floss, which I use. Maybe it’s just a plot against me. The bastards.

What the Dental Floss Industry needs to battle the huge Mouthwash Conglomerates is a catchy slogan. If the mouthwash is saying it’s “as good as dental floss”, maybe the dental floss people could say something about how great they are over mouthwash. I’m thinking the catchy slogan the Dental Floss Industry should use is:

Dental Floss:
It gets that chunk of pork out!
Catchy, huh?
If you think this week’s MMP (Monday Morning Post, before you ask) isn’t up to snuff, shut up.
Firstly, today is a school holiday so I got both boys underfoot.


Secondly, I’m still trying to get over the emotional distress I suffered this weekend when Soupo had a million (seven) of his friends over for the Screaming Eight-Year-Old Boy Birthday Bash. (There isn’t enough rum and ibuprofen in the world…)

So deal.

But people will ask, “Who is porking your mouth?”

Think of it as an update of the old “How’s your love life?” don’t.

Yeah, but can you dance to it?

Since it’s a federal holiday and since my sweetie’s new job lets him have all federal holidays like I do, I have him underfoot. Well, not exactly underfoot, but he’s in the bedroom getting dressed and watching Springer. I’m appalled!! If I’d known this 21 years ago, I might not have married him! OK, I would have married him, but I wouldn’t have let him have a TV in another room where I can’t control his viewing habits.

Hey - cool - he just came in and said he’d take me out to breakfast! Later, all!

Be sure to floss afterwards.

The Extended Club Mix will be coming out in six weeks.

In this post from last week’s MMP, Kallessa asks about the origins of strata and why she’s never heard of it.

I’m not sure about the origins of strata, but I can tell you there’s nothin’ in the 1975 version of the Joy of Cooking, but there are two recipes in the All New All Purpose Joy of Cooking (1997): one is the standard sausage and cheese one, the other is a cinnamon cream cheese version that sounds excellent. About strata in general, Ethan Becker says “This one-dish casserole is somewhere between a baked custard and French toast.” Looked briefly on the net and found a really cool food history site, but nothing about where strata comes from. Maybe someone else will know.

If you don’t like the texture of standard bread pudding, you might still like the recipe I used because it’s pretty dry. I haven’t had a strata in a while, so I can’t remember if that’s the norm.

As to why you haven’t heard of it: it’s a secret midwestern recipe unavailable to those who were not raised or spent a minimum of 10 years in the area generally defined as the Midwest…??? I’m sure others will have suggestions as well.

We now resume this week’s MMP, which I haven’t read yet, but will surely get back to this morning once I have actually accomplished something not board-related. Such as investigating quotes on page 74 of the January 2005 edition of Cooking Light. Or actually getting to the work I need to do despite having today off (I’ll be swapping Friday for today).

(Who gets rather chatty when she is procrastinating…)

Maybe the Dental Floss and Pork industries need to combine their efforts. I can see the slogan now:

Dental Floss:
It gets out “the other white meat”

Also, consider using “tape” instead of “floss”. It’s good at getting in between tighty, whitey teeths.

Darn, I wish Mr. Anachi was home and would take me out to breakfast. But I already had breakfast which was a Lemon Poppyseed muffin with no sugar added and only had 150 calories in it. Not many fat grams either. I wonder if fat grams are hard to get outta your teeth like poppy seeds are? Cause I’m gonna have to floss to get the poppy seeds out when I leave here and go take my shower and sundry other toilet activites. (See, I’m using the broader definition of toilet activities than the ones having to do with the porcelain doggy fountain, so don’t be confused an think ol’ Tupug is spouting potty mouth words. Shame on you!)

I’m offa work today, too. But Mr. Anachi is not. So I’ve got the whole day to myself! Ha! I got a new biography about Ben Franklin which I started this morning around 5:30. Pretty good so far. Over the weekend I read Dean Koontz book, The Taking, what is about weird fungus alien devils taking over the world but some cool people and dogs save alla the kiddies and the alien devils leave so the cool people, kiddies, and dogs get to loot the world and live in Malibu in some movie stars’ abandoned beach houses an shop for free on Rodeo Drive. (Okay, I made that part up but it could happen.)

It’s cold again here but sunny so I may give alla the dogs a bath…except Simba. He doesn’t fit in the laundry tub and anyways he’s The Princess’[sup]TM[/sup] dog so she can give him a bath. I did give him a good brushing yesterday because he’s shedding little wads of undercoat all over the carpets and was looking like a serious case of bed head all over. Thank goodness the rest of the dogs have short hairs (not to be confused with human short hairs) what don’t need to be brushed (human short hairs neither).

Well I’m off to SS and F (Shower, shave and floss, you pervs!)


I’ve got to say, it did sound like Rue was daring us, just daring us, to continue last week’s MMP.

But I wasn’t taken in.

Who knows what dire thing might have happened. I mean, I could have ended up with a chandelier! :eek:

Wasn’t there a Frank Zappa song about dental floss farmers? “Growing it up, waxing it down.”

OK, so an MMP on flossing is pretty hard to get excited about… but I did use some of that Natural Citrus Listerine this morning that’s supposed to be as good as flossing. So my mouth tastes all nice and citrusy now.

That’s all I’ve got. No day off. :frowning: Weekend spent traveling to visit my grandfather, who’s in a nursing home and not doing very well, and to go to a memorial service. :frowning: :frowning:

You think it was a dare, merry? Cause I could go back an post there but then I wouldn’t want fcm to get more confused and send me your chandelier. :smiley:

Yeah, but did it get the pork out? :smiley: (Just hoping to cheer ya up is all.)

J&J sued Pfizer over the claim that Listerine was as effective as flossing. A judge has order Pfizer to stop making the claim until the lawsuit is settled. Since J&J makes a whole bunch of floss, we can see that countering by stressing the merits of Pork Extraction was considered too passive.

Agh! My computer has just started making a funny noise! Stop it, stupid machine!

We had a marvellous time all last weekend with many many visitors, and now there are heaps of dishes.

Maybe I should go back to bed.

My dentist suggested one of those little reach flossie thingies. Then mouth wash. So apparently my teeth must be really bad since they need both! Or maybe it is the ADA looking to make extra bucks?


I’m back from breakfast, but I didn’t floss because I’m a rebel. Plus I didn’t have any pork. So there!

FCM, I think you have a little bit of confusion on this issue.

You don’t floss *with * pork!

Some of it comes from a famous place in Italy: The Milan de Floss.

My dentist always chides me because I don’t floss enough. Now I keep floss on my desk so it’s easier to remember.

I don’t think I posted last week at all. I had the flu and was off work for 3 days. That sucked. But I did read the MMP and got all catched up on Friday.

Over the weekend I worked on a quilt, watched TV, and went to Expo (a big, fancy, overpriced home decorating store, owned by Home Depot) with The Elf so he could get some exercise (he has a really messed up disk in his back and walking is part of his rehabilitation) and look at kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas. I decided that I liked the look of tumbled marble tiles and fancy multi-colored slate for floors. And there was this very cool colbalt blue sink that I fell in love with. Although the one with the story of Sleeping Beauty was awesome, too.

And that was about it. Being sick makes for a boring life.

I usually floss after I eat my breakfast. I eat hot oat bran, and man if that stuff doesn’t stick in between my teeth like cement.

I have to use that special space age floss that’s extra slippery because my teeth are so close together. Standard floss just shreds in my teeth. I tried those little floss picks, and that’s exactly what happened. So I still have a bag of 'em but I can’t use them.