[Dentistry] Is there a name for this condition?

My back teeth on both sides do not touch…there is a gap big enough to stick my tounge through. Is there a term for this condition?

How old are you?


You can’t tell my looking at them. My teeth themseleves are fine, and perfectely straight. I went to an orthodontist about it once, who wanted to break my jaw and wire my mouth shut for six weeks I was like f*ck that. The only bad thing is I use my front teeth to chew more than most people so they have a bit more wear than usual.

lack of a posterior occlusal plane perhaps ?

try googling occlusion and your description of your bite and see what comes up

Lucky, lucky, lucky bastard!

I’m 21 and I’m STILL wearing braces…

I used to have a gap big enough to stick my tongue through, between my two top teeth–like David Letterman. The dentist called it a “dental fistula.” I had a “frontal frenulectomy” to fix it.