Dentists: is it bad that my molars are displaced?

Alright, I was just running my tongue along my teeth, and I noticed that all four of my back molars (the last on each side) are out of line with the rest of my teeth. It’s fairly significant, to the order of a milimetre or two.

I’ve never noticed it before, but it could have been there all my life.

I’m not worried because they’re all equally misplaced.

I am worried because I know my wisdom teeth aren’t going to come in normally, and may butt against the rest of my choppers.

From my own personal experience, I’ll say “be afraid…be very afraid” about those wisdom teeth butting in. I know this won’t make you more comfortable about your situation, but there is the likelihood that those wisdom teeth will remove at least the rearmost molars when and if, in fact, they erupt. This is what is currently in progress in my own mouth. My wisdom teeth are erupting through the gums, and simultaneously are crushing my rearmost molars and the molars in front of those right out of my head, quite painfully I might add. This has got to be the worst two-for-one deal I’ve ever received.

Personally, I’d advise visiting your local orthodontal specialist re: removing those yet-to-be-troublesome wisdom teeth in the interest of saving those comfortably out of alignment molars.

Wisdom teeth are true to their name, they further reinforce the wisdom of hindsight, and that is “I should have had those damn things removed before they replaced my molars!”

Best of luck!


Thanks for the input. I’m due for a regular dental check-up anyway, so I’ll ask him when I get in. I’m at about the age (18) when these wisdom teeth are going to start thinking about showing up, so I suppose I should get this checked out sooner rather than later.

Frankly, the only reason I haven’t yet is because I’ll have to undergo surgery (and general anaesthetic) to have them taken out, and I’m terrified of the IV. Sad, eh?