My Sutpid Wisdom Teeth Are Coming in Sideways!

So for the last several months, the upper back right portion of my jaw has hurt every once in a while (very infrequently) when I chewed particularly vigorously. A couple of weeks ago, it happened when I was around my parents, and I told my mom that I thought my wisdom teeth were coming in; she scheduled a dentist appointment for me.

Today, I went in, got X-rayed, and found out that my wisdom teeth are sideways, roughly like this (And the middle is not supposed to be accurate; the sides are what matters):
\ /

/                 \

Not only are they oriented diagonally, they’re pushing up against my other teeth, and threatening to screw up their alignment something fierce. All four have to come out, and the only benefits are that I won’t have to miss any school, we caught it early enough to avoid damage (and pain), and I’ll have an interesting story to tell in a little while.

Fortunately, since we caught it so early (there’s only one spot that hurts, and that one rarely, and it’s further along than the rest), I don’t have to rush the surgery; however, I’d kind of like to get it over with. Obviously, I’ll try to schedule it after Gettysdope on the 15th.

      \       /

      /       \

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Two words of advice…

  1. Get the general anathestic. It’s much easier that way.
  2. Get the good pain pills for after, I found vicodin to be quite nice. :slight_smile:

and since I don’t have a third…Hi Opal!!

Good luck

Eugh. Wisdom teeth. Can’t live with 'em, can’t yank 'em out yourself.

Mine came in right, but there’s not enough room for 'em. I wish I could get them yanked. Unfortunately, that costs money, and I’d have to go without the SMDB for a while while I paid that off, soo…


Got mine yanked last year. I had the same problem. It sounds like it’s scary, but it isn’t. Don’t worry, you’ll feel way better once it’s done.

Wow, that sounds like what happened to me about 8 years ago.

I had an outpatient surgery rather than a simple proceedure in my dentist’s office.

Cost me the love of my life ::insert long, over-dramatic, teenage angst::

Seriously … if you need soup recipes, let me know. Greek chicken (chicken, barley, mint) or Knorrs leek soup mix … both are GREAT.

i second that. I was able to sneak cigarettes within 8 hours of my surgery.

For the record, all (four) of my wisdom teeth were infected, impacted, blah blah blah … They were actually uprooting my USEFUL teeth!

The after-effects aren’t so bad. :smiley:

It’s good to see young people today who have their priorities in order.

Early on my dentist threatened that my wisdom teeth would grow in toward my tongue but they ended up coming in just fine. They may be pushing my others around a tad.

My mom has scheduled me to get them out next Thursday morning; this also means that she’s driving me to Gettysdope, since I’ll still be on pain meds that Saturday. Someday, I will drive myself to a Dopefest.