depressing week

I am NOT having a good week.

A beloved on-line friend of mine (none of you know him) passed away last weekend of a massive heart attack… he was 36 yrs old, with a baby due in March.

AND… I had to make a decision that is just KILLING me… I have to sell my bike. I need the money to keep the wolves from my door.

I am NOT a happy camper this week. Poor Bob is having to deal with me, too. I guess it’s better for him to see this side of me NOW…

OH… and on top of everything else, I’m trying to quit smoking…

can you say DEPRESSED BITCH???
someone just shoot me…

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

Things can only look up from there.

Interesting message & sig.

Well, Mysery loves company. So, here’s what Happened to me over the weekend.

Saturday morning, my Mom, Dad, Brother and I went to the theater to volunteer at the open house event. About an hour into the event, the Fire Marshal came for my parents to tell them the bad news. There was a fire at home. Mom and Dad left without telling me and my brother, Ryan. Some strange lady came up to the light booth, where I was doing my guided tour thingie, and says: “I think I should inform you, your mom and dad had to go home. There was a fire at your house.” Ryan and I got a ride home after the open house to see what the hell was going on, expecting the dryer had gone up or the garage was scorched. But, after we weaved our way through ambulances, rescue trucks, and fire trucks, we saw it: a smoldering crater where 3939 Tonbridge used to be.

I found my dad in the crowd somewhere, and asked about our 13 year old dog.

“She’s gone.”

The family is okay, minus our most beloved possession, Ginger, and all the other stuff I have collected over 20 years and the crap mom and dad have carried around, from house to house, for 25 years.

So, this is what’s up with me. If anyone gets the chance to give blood or donate anything to American Red Cross, please do. They have been a god send. They gave us toothbrushes, shampoo, vouchers for food and clothes, and were just so sweet. I love the Red Cross.

We were insured, so now begins the rebuilding. They say it will take about 8 months.

I don’t have a computer anymore, and miss the SD. I came over here to my mom’s work to check email and read the new columns and, of course, get on the message board. I’m hoping to get active again as soon as possible. See ya all later.

And I’ve been sad because I lost another elderly family relative this week . . . however, he was 89 years old when he died and he had a heck of a good life. It really should be a celebration . . . it was that infamous southern horror show, “a three-preacher funeral,” but it could have been much much worse.

My heart just breaks for you, Andrea; been there, done that. I wish I had bux to give you, sweet darling.

And Babar . . . god, that just sucks. Makes all my petty concerns look so . . . petty.

Hey guys, tell you what: let’s try to do something here, for Babar and for Andrea. Seriously, let’s pass the hat, collect a few dollars, help some folks out.

I’m gonna ask CKDextHavn (famed for being treasurer for any number of functions; he’s always the guy that figures out the check in any large group, etc., he’s just really good with money and the most trustworthy and honest man I know) to be the holder of funds. If it’s cool with him, I’m gonna send him a check for $50 today to get the ball rolling. And I’ll post a mailing address so y’all can do the same.

It’s strictly and totally voluntary, but I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

your humble TubaDiva



Geez, I thought my week was going bad, but it’s only been because I’m battling another cold. Post that mailing address Andrea, I’ll send what I can.

“We are what we pretend to be.”

  • Kurt Vonnegut

{{{{{{{{{{{Babar}}}}}}}}} I am SOOOO sorry to hear about your house!!! And Ginger,… :frowning:
I’m just glad that none of your ‘people’ family was hurt…

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.


Diva…I am speechless… that is SUCH a kind thought!!

I have resigned myself to selling the bike…I still haven’t heard back from the friend who I’m giving first option to…


OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

Tuba has suggested that I manage some sort of collection plate for Andrea and Babar.
I’ve been slow to respond, because I don’t really want to post my name/address (in the past, I was threatened on the boards by a rabid anti-semite, and I’d rather not have my whereabouts so readily available, thanks very much.)

So my suggestion is this: if any of you would like to contribute to Andrea and Babar, either:
(a) send money to them directly. Email them and ask for their address, and send your checks right to them.
(b) send me an email with your pledge amount (be sure the email subject line mentions that it’s a pledge. When I see what the order of magnitude is, I’ll figure out how to handle it.

Andrea sweetie, I’m SO sorry to hear about your troubles! But I’m so PLEASED to hear that you are trying to quit smoking. And I know you’re in a great situation with that hunk of a new guy. Hang in there, kiddo.

And I’ve just sent my pledge to Dex for you and for Babar.

Babar, thank god that none of your family – except for Ginger – was hurt.

If the house has been totalled, you might want to consider engaging the services of a public (sometimes called independent) insurance adjuster. They will take a percentage of what you recover from the insurance company, but they will also deal with all of the hassle, and often will get more than an individual will. If you have any questions about dealing with the insurance company, feel free to email me – I am a lawyer in the general counsel’s office for a national property and casualty insurer, so I know a little bit about this sort of thing.

Deity bless all of you!


Andrea & Babar, my heart goes out to you. I just lost my grandmother last Saturday, to bone cancer. She’d been sick for a while, and it was just time for her to go. My uncle had a house fire two years ago, as devastating as yours, Babar. He said the same things about the Red Cross as you did.

I’m in the same financial situation as Andrea, too. I’m going back to work tomorrow after a 10 week maternity leave, because if I don’t, I’ll starve. I can’t contribute to any funds right now, but as soon as I can, I will do something for my local Red Cross, in your names. Feel free to email me!


I love you people… :slight_smile:

Melin… Smooooches!!!

Cristi…sorry about your grandmother… :frowning: and I appreciate the thought…

I have known for a while that I’m a lucky girl to know the people i know… but now I realize that I’m not lucky… I am INCREDIBLY blessed…

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

Andrea, things will get better. Really they will. If good wishes and happy thoughts for your future were dollars, then I’d be giving you $10,000 :slight_smile:

Babar, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. That has to hurt the most. I would be MORE than happy to dye my yellow lab’s blondish hair a more ginger spice girl color and ship her to you :slight_smile: She hogs the bed,snores like a drunk, has horrible breath and stares at you while you sleep until you wake up and do her bidding. Oh, and she is an attack shedder and answers to commands that only have the word CHEESE in them. (Come here. Come here. Come here and you get cheese…)

It may be a pitiful or too much of a charity case offering, but I have a large box of in decent to very decent shape towels ( kitchen and bath) that I have wanted to donate to some organization. However, maybe I’ve been lazy for a reason and haven’t taken them somewhere because (really) I wanted them to go to someone that I know or a friend knows. That way it’s more personal than just dropping off another box at Goodwill.
( corny?) Babar, you and your family are more than welcome to them if you need them. Just email me at if you need/want them.

I think I may have come up with a possible option to selling my bike…

I have contacted the ex… and asked him if he’d be willing to make me a loan against the title to the bike…

If he agrees (and I probably wont hear anything until next week,he’s currently in IL doing a show), I will repay him the loan,plus an additional 1000.00. That extra will serve to repay a phone bill I owe him, plus some left over…

Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

OK… my last idea won’t work, at least as far as Jay goes… I’ve heard through the grapevine that he’s not much better off than I am, financially, right now.

Next step? Call the boss man and see if he can do it… ::::::;sigh::::::::::
Babar? BTW… whenever I make it back to CA and my apt., I have BUNCHES of towels and blankets, and some other household stuff…
Problem is I don’t know WHEN I’ll be back out…
So if your family can use them, let me know…maybe Melin can brave the wilds of my cave to get some of the stuff… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

Andrea, maybe this will cheer you, even if it is fiction:

LOLOLOLOL!!! thanks,Sunbear!!That was a good laugh (and OH SO TRUE!!!)

OK, so God created me; so he has control over me; so he has no right to bitch about anything I do.

Please read the thread I’ve started here:

O p a l C a t

Hey Andrea, I still got a key to your place, so let me know what you want to do. Seems a shame to be paying rent there if you ain’t livin’ there. :frowning:

Email me an address and phone number, would ya?

Guess we’re gonna miss you at Christmas, huh? :frowning: Boys send their love.


As soon as I know SOMETHING,Melin,I’ll call you…

love to you all…

Moving this up to the front . . . maybe mentioning it in a few forums . . .

Last call, folks. Let’s dig down and find some help for our less fortunate.

Thanking you in advance –

your humble TubaDiva
who has had reason to thank the kindness of friends and sometimes strangers