Depression Comix

I saw something on, which lead me to this post from September 19, 2013 on Buzz Feed 21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression, which then lead me to this site: Depression Comix.

Isn’t the internet wonderful? I started out looking for pictures of [del]hairy men fucking other hairy men[/del]"]fuzzy kittens and ended up finding something important & useful*.

From the About page:

I can relate to nearly all of them. Here are some of my(for lack of a better word) favorites:

"Any recurring thoughts … "
"Every door in this room is locked … "
“Me With Depression”
“The Lowest Possible Point”
“The weak minded, the cowardly, and the lost”
"Suicide Is A Permanent Solution To … "
“How Others Expect Me To See the Future”
“Sometimes I Think”
“Die From An Illness”
“In a very deep pit”

For those of us who have been there, the comic expresses something that is very often hard to put into words. To those who have never dealt with these types of feelings, and I hope you never do, the comic might help you better understand what others are going though.

It updates on Saturdays (Japan time).
*Of course kittens are useful too."]HAPPY EASTER

I screwed up 2 links:

Fuzzy Kittens



Maybe Easter Weekend wasn’t the best time to post this, maybe it’s just my state of mind, but I hope people will check out the comic. I think it’s a great resource.

Last I’ll say on this, here is a kitty.

Easter is a fine time to post this. Holidays are filled with all the things we “should” be doing but the darkness of Depression robs us of those things. If it helps one person understand why their loved one is acting the way they are it’s done good.

The comic is, indeed, a really useful resource. I struggle to understand the condition (I don’t have it, but my spouse does), and it is really difficult to get if you’re not subject to it.

Foggy, I just hate seeing how often you post about suicide. I wish there were something constructive I could say. It is a terrible equation: the pain of the person who would commit suicide vs. the pain of the people who love him / her (and the emergency personnel who don’t have a personal stake but still feel the pain). I’m sorry you have to suffer to keep all those people from suffering. I hope things get better.

Edit: and in my own darker moments: Sometimes I think… (non-suicide depression comic from the site)

Wow. That comic is spot-on.

Hey Foggy, I was wondering where you were.

Those comics hit a few of my spots. Thanks for posting them.

I know this a 5 month old thread, but I didn’t want to start a new just to post this:

depression comix 256
Can’t think of what say, check out the comic if you want. SFW


Yeah, that sums up what I feel like sometimes too.