Describe a movie in haiku

Please hire seven men
They will defend the village
But four of them die.

Name the movie, then add one of your own.

The Magnificent Seven

five disparate youths
sit in morning detention
they leave awakened

The Breakfast Club

Young man is well trained
As post-Bond secret agent:
Manners maketh man.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (Not sure of this one?)

Life imprisonment.
Chipping a hole in the wall.
Mexico is nice.

The Shawshank Redemption

Paul Newman’s building
Burned for fourteen-hundred floors.
Here comes Steve McQueen!

Towering Inferno

Snowy Chicago
Man blows hole in plane
Pilot lands plane safely


Southern belle is cute
but real tough, too, in wartime;
is steel magnolia

Pearl Harbor?


No, not that. Think pre-WWII.

Gone With The Wind.

New guy, first mission
First you must kill two people
Then play cards and win.


Don’t recognize your movie, though.

Casino Royale

Three spooky stories:
Dead witch claims ring; phone call from
Hell; vampire Karloff.

Black Sabbath

He sure looks guilty,
But one man asks some questions;
They all change their mind.

Impressive, sir! I doff my hat!


12 Angry Men

Were we visited
By aliens? In this bad

A Tear In The Sky

Watery E.T.
Mad SEAL tries to nuke them all.
City in the trench.

Whoa! I had no idea. I was going for the 1970 Chariots of the Gods, but yours is better.

Ah, I didn’t know this was made into a film. It got a lot more publicity as a book.

I haven’t seen A Tear In The Sky, I doubt that it’s pushing aliens in quite such an extreme way, but the official synopsis says:

What they find instead are thought-provoking clues into the true nature of the UFO phenomenon and the very fabric of our spacetime reality.

The Abyss

Cop gains weird powers
That vanish if he sees red.
Wife gets the last laugh.

I had to Google that one!

Super Fuzz

Two stories in one
Storyteller engages
housewife with the past

The Bridges of Madison County

Jack, Rose meet on ship
and romance results, of course;
then there’s this iceberg….