Describe the movie in five words

No more, no less. Then name a movie for the next poster to tackle. I’ll start:

The Big Lebowski
Sixties burnout bowls, sleuths, abides.


2001: A Space Odyssey

Aliens ask apes, answer astronauts

No Country for Old men

It might be cooler if you describe a movie in 5 words, and then we have to guess it. But I’m just being contrarian, I guess.

No Country for Old Men
Do not cross Anton Chigurh.
Next: The Godfather.

Don’t mess with my family.

Next up:
The Omega Man (the new one)

Army doc fights plague, zombies.

Dark City

It’s The Matrix! With aliens!
Next: Shoot’em up

Bulletproof baby. What’s up, doc?

Next: The Departed

Undercover cops vs. undercover crooks.

Next Up:

Boogie Nights

Fake dick rises, shoots and SKATES.
Next: Phantasm

:: Blows whistle ::

That was six words.

Silvery globe drills heads - ick!

Next: Black Hawk Down

Elendil’s Heir, I’m so sorry! I swear I read six instead of five.

I’ll just slink off now while hanging my head in shame. :frowning:

Skinnies kick Delta, Ranger asses.

Next: Toy Story

Toy Story
Talking toys are people too.

Next: Reservoir Dogs

faithfool, no problem - keep playing, please!

Toy Story: Sheriff, Space Ranger team up.

Reservoir Dogs: Crooks up to no good.

Citizen Kane

Tycoon dies mumbling about sled


Molested cowboy befriends dying Rat.


SSG Schwartz

Crooks fed into wood chipper.



No romance. Must fight Hitler.
Office Space

Office workers hate their jobs.

Psst. Pick the next movie!