Describe your ideal shooting spree!

Disclaimer: I am not a genuine nut job. I would not shoot people nor do I suggest you shoot people. Hurting other people is wrong.

Oh, come on; you know you’ve wondered in moments of boredom how you would best go about a crazed shooting rampage. You’ve heard news reports about John Middlename Earl blowing away eight people at the Kinko’s he got fired from and thought “Eight people? I could blow away twice that many with the hardware he had.” You’ve stood in a food court and wondered what it would be like to spray bullets around with wild abandon.

Or is it just me?

Ever had a fantasy about going on a shooting spree? Ever thought about how many people you could plug at the mall before the police took you down? Ever looked up at a clock tower and thought, “Yes, yes, I could get them all from up there.” What’s your IDEAL shooting spree? Where would you go, what would you bring, and how many would you get? How would you do it? Would you try to make an escape or would you hold out to the last bullet?

I’m not posting mine until I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought of this. :slight_smile:

Considering I am severely UN-desensitized to violence (Pulp Fiction made me sick), I think my ideal shooting spree would be one involving water on a hot summer day, where everyone ends up soaked and laughing and tan and most importantly, alive at the end.


1986 Democratic National Convention. .243 Winchester Bull barrel single shot “I only need one, but thanx Tonto”

I used to work as a library security guard when I was an undergraduate. I’d have to sit by as hundreds of perky soccer moms and their spawn would file past nattering mindlessly. I also have a lot of resentment towards frat boys. They used to go on study outings to the library–several dozen of them, all dressed in the same khaki/tie/blue shirt combo, walking in drunken single file. Yikes.

I wouldn’t mind having a chance to do some creative Scourging and Pillaging of the aforementioned groups.

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their vomen…”

God, I feel old for saying this, but…

Do you think this is appropriate chatter for a public board?

Maybe it’s just me, but the idea of people sharing their shooting spree ideas seems a bit twisted and, well, wrong.

OK, I’m getting off my soap box now.


For me, the ideal shooting spree would take place with a camera in the women’s shower room at the local gym.

[sub]“He’s a lecher!”[/sub]
[sub]“Well yes, but at least he’s a non-violent lecher.”[/sub]

I’m with heembo on this [sub](espcially since it’s the 2nd year anniversary of the Columbine incident)[/sub]

There’s a pretty funny Onion story about this here:

I think I’m a little bit too uncomfortable with this as well.