I'd forgotten what lust felt like until yesterday

I am 15 years divorced and 67 next month, by way of explaining the title.

I was visiting friends when Mr. Gun offered to show me some of his collection. “Sure. Love to see it.”:rolleyes: Every now and then I try to be nice.

He handed me a small .22 pistol. My heart pounded, I practically drooled over it. I thought the pistol was beautiful; I liked the way it felt in my hand; I liked the way my hand looked while holding it. I was in love.

He produced a few other handguns, but they were all boring. Finally, a 9mm police special appeared. OMG:eek: It fit my hand like a glove. The sound of the clip going in and out was a serenade. I.Wanted.It.

There I was, holding a lethal weapon with the same oooh oooh caressing touch generally reserved for puppies.

I scared myself.

Next time, wear a condom.

I wish I knew a Mr. Gun.

I know if I ever held a gun it would be: “Well Hello Lover let’s go out and have some FUN*!”

There is a reason fun rhymes with gun:D

Three of us went to an introductory class at a training center on the first of this month. While I have gun owners in the family and have dated gun owners, none of them are showers (meaning the guns don’t come out unless they’re being cleaned or going somewhere to use). So it doesn’t come up much. I haven’t gone shooting much and the last time was skeet shooting with a 12 gauge in the 90’s.

I applied for my FOID during the class, we shot .22 Rugers and now I want to rent more so I can decide on which to buy. I really enjoyed the time we spent on the range with the instructors.

You still in CT? We can arrange some impromptu hands on time with something comfortable in 9mm…we are normally on the farm weekends dealing with the results of the house fire and I know mrAru would welcome some recreational target perforation as a short break.

Before you get too carried away with lust, repeat after me:

This is my sidearm,
This is my gun,
This is for shooting at stuff,
And this is for sex.

Okay, that adaptation doesn’t really work, does it? My point, though, is to remind you not to mix them up. You’re no longer young, and confusion can come with age, as can an appreciation for the finer things, like smooth, walnut handgrips and the seductive smell of Hoppe’s No. 9. My own first object of lust was a friend’s Colt Defender. It fit so perfectly in my hand, but the intensity of my lust made it unsteady. And since I was already trying to poach his girlfriend, poaching his Colt, too didn’t seem advised.

Not right now no; but thank you for the generous offer. :slight_smile:

I always heard
This is my weapon
This is my gun
This is for killing
This is for fun

And my object of lust is mySauer 38H. I also have a WW1 vintage P.08 that is nice, but it just isn’t the same. I am fond of my M1, and our moisin nagant for longer distance work [hunting and practice] as I find cordite therapy relaxing.

Any time =)

I still don’t quite understand the change that came over me while holding those guns, esp. the 9mm ooooooohhh, but I sure as hell felt powerful for a few minutes. I liked that feeling, too.

Must be a regional, or perhaps time-oriented variation. From the Airmen I hung around with in the 1960s, it was:

This is my rifle
This is my gun
This is for fighting,
This is for fun.

Possible, Dad was a WW2 combat vet.

A lot of shooting ranges will let you rent and shoot (and maybe discretely fondle) a variety of firearms, including full auto ones like an MP5.

Okaaaay. I guess that explains a lot of the fervor of all those pro-Second Amendment folks.

Just when I was beginning to calm down, you tell me this?:smack:

I wanna set up a whole row of pumpkins and blow 'em to smithereens. Shy, quiet little me.

After that experience, I began to think the same as you. I can understand collecting guns. Not my choice of a collectible but I did once get into a betting war at an auction over a tatting shuttle, so to each his own. I just had never experienced such a visceral response to something I’d never considered owning. What’s scarey is that kind of feeling at an unregulated gun show might well have resulted in my buying a gun. And then wondering what the hell to do with it when I’d calmed down. I now understand that there is something seductive about guns. I may check in with the local club in the spring, see what it’s like to fire one. But not own. Maybe.

Check with your state, some require obtaining an ID of some sort (at least, Illinois does) before you can rent/buy. The only gun handling I could do (legally) without a state-issued ID was under a strict instruction class under the watch (and ammo counting) of certified instructors. To go back and rent different guns to try, I need that FOID which should be in the mail any day now.

Happiness is a warm gun.

For people within driving distance of say Mohegan Sun casino [about a 15 minute drive from the farm] this could be arranged on a weekend =) I would have to doublecheck what ammo is needed, but I can see my 38H in 32 cal, the Dan Wesson in 44 cal, one of the M1s though I am not certain the .25 Ivers TP25 survived in a shootable condition [Rob is still smithing the collection post fire ] I personally loved the .25 for teaching women weapon safety, lovely little thing.

[we commonly taught friends handgun safety on the farm, and for the circle of friends cordite therapy was available - they just needed to bring their own ammo as some of the weapons could get expensive, the Moisin Nagant ammo is fifty cents per round, more or less. Though we do have a bucket of the bullets, the reloader sort of went melty …the casings will never be the same either. sigh]

:smiley: You would probably enjoy Demolition Ranch on YouTube. This guy does all sorts of neat experiments with all sorts of guns. This is one where he sees what caliber ammunition it takes to bust a standard padlock.

WOW! my new favorite youtube channel. I followed it up with a segment of “How It’s Made Padlocks