Design a city

Does anyone know of a game or program where one could design a fantasy city? I have never played a computer game in my life so it would have to be user friendly to some degree.

You aren’t familiar with SimCity? Maybe we’ve moved beyond that, but they are the ideal entry point.

How fantasy?

There’s the old city-builder games from Impressions (more user-friendly as they get newer):
Caesar - Rome
Pharoah/Cleopatra - Egypt
Zeus/Posiedon - Greece
Emperor - China

They all have fantastic elements (i.e. direct intervention from the gods) but are based on actual civilizations. Should be available from GOG.

Children of the Nile and Caesar IV are newer Egypt & Rome games from TiltedMill (some of the same devs.) Fewer fantastic elements, though.

I will try and be more specific. I would like to design a city primarily as a an arts and crafts community. Most of the focus on design would be related to expanding the resources for creative thinking and doing. Collaboration would be the focal point of the game to create large and small otherwise impossible projects.

I really have no idea how internet games are played but I am hoping for a game that could have maybe 1,000 or more memebers playing at once.

Ooof…that sounds a lot like what EA claimed the 2013 Simcity was going to be, except massively-multiplayer instead of 5-8 per area.

It failed pretty hard at its design goals. Yours may very well be impossible.

The closest game I’m aware of to what you’re talking about is A Tale in the Desert.

Good luck.

Well, there used to be StarPeace, but I don’t know if that’s even possible to play any more and in any case it was pretty much the opposite of user-friendly.