Design me a new look (hairstyle recommendations)

Perhaps my most narcissistic thread so far…

A new housemate of mine is apprenticing at a hair salon, and she needs models/guinea pigs to practice her hair cutting skills on, and I volunteered. I am extremely poor and badly need a haircut. I also have almost no sentimental attachment to my hair and figure that if turns out badly, I can change it, or–worst case scenario–wait til it grows out. I’m also a carefree self-employed college student, so I don’t have any dress codes I need to adhere to. What kind of awesome hair style should I get?

Here’s some photos of me, for reference.

A very old picture, when I used dye my hair red. I’m on the far left.

A more recent picture–from Christmas.

Very recent, from a few days ago–I dye my hair blonde(r) now.

This summer–I’m on the right.

I like short hair cuts, and like I said–I’m willing to take risks and go for something dramatic. I don’t spend a huge amount of time on my hair, but I generally blow-dry and straight-iron it everyday, so for a cool haircut I’m willing to put in some time. Ideally it should also be something that looks good on days when I oversleep and have to rush off, but that may not be possible, I realize.

So, anyone have any ideas? Feel free to link to haircuts you think look cool or just give general advice for haircuts you think would suit my face… I’m willing to hear any comments!

Something like that would look cute on you, I think, and it’d be easy to style or just roll out of bed. Also, have you considered going back to red? Maybe something like more of a natural red than you had before, but still bright.

I like this one. It’s not too far off what you have now but with a little more oomph.

I think this color, but with some more depth (either highlights or lowlights, depending on your preference) is kind of what I was thinking, if you like the red.

I have a color pictured in my head, but can’t find any actual pictures of what I’m thinking of.

This one is cute too.

I like all of the recommendations. I think the last one with all the layers would make your hair look thicker. I like the blonde better then the red.

You’re like one of my cousins- you have a certain coloring that allows you to look good red, blonde, or brunette. Very lucky! I’m partial to the blonde myself

I don’t have a picture to show you and I like all the others suggested, but I think you should go with something very short in the back and cut around your ears more, like a boy cut - it looks like you have nice cheekbones and that would bring them out ( a short cut, in general, will). Also, I’d go with shorter, thicker bangs - it will accent your eyes and feel like a real change from the styles you’ve been wearing. You look great as a redhead too! Hope you come back and show us how it came out!

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your advice–sorry it took me a while to get back to this thread. I read and appreciated all the comments. Ultimately, I just decided to get some blond highlights (it was good practice for her) and do a cut that isn’t THAT much different from my previous one… it’s hard to convince hairdressers that I really don’t mind a super-short cut. Still, I’m happy with the way it turned out. It ended up taking like 4 hours for highlights/re-touching roots/the haircut but it only cost me like $20 for the materials so it was definitely worth it! Plus the guy supervising my hairdresser was super-cute and he fixed any mistakes she might have made. :smiley:

Here’s some blurry cell phone pictures, if you guys are interested!

MySpace-esque. My bangs are nicely trimmed.

Side view. On this one you can see how it was actually cut quite a bit shorter in the back–kinda like a Victoria Beckham kinda thing…

It looks very nice with the highlights. You look great and did you get his number?