Design your own Marvel super-team!

I don’t think we’ve done one of these for awhile—like it says in the title, your assignment is to form your own Marvel comics super-team!

It can be a new lineup for an existing (or revival) team—Avengers, Thunderbolts, Defenders, Alpha Flight, whatever—or, if you want, figure out an entirely new team to form for your own theme or specifications. Your pick…an All-Cybernetic Avengers? Mexico’s “Alfa Escuadrón”? All insect-powered heroines? The team of heroes Screwed by the Editors? Your choice, your pick.

As per the rules of one of the earlier threads like this, anyone who’s not completely dead or completely evil will join up.
So…anyone want to start?

I figure any team is going to win their fights and defeat their enemies - that’s part of the code - so actual abilities don’t really matter much.

So I created a team by looks:

Black Widow
Emma Frost
Ms. Marvel
Spider Woman

The all-modified-clone Exiles.

X-23, Ultimate Jessica Drew, ‘April Parker’, Lyra…and I’ll stop there, since it’s building to an all-female team, and I kind of like that…

Let’s see, my idea for a new team of Avengers: Keep the big three heavies - Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America - in the background. They’d make appearances, but be more like elder statesmen.

Hawkeye would be the team leader. His team would consist of:
Sasquatch (a personal favorite of mine),
Shang-Chi (he’d be the “Batman” character - everybody’d be all "What’s this no-powered dude doing with all these super-powered folk, but he’d always surprise people by duking it out with, and winning against, the most powerful opponents by stamina, fighting know-how and sheer determination.)
Moonstone as the (perhaps) reformed villain turned unpredictable wild card.

Dr. Strange would be an unofficial, part-time member - coming to the team’s aid when they are attacked by mystical menaces (kind of like the Phantom Stranger used to be a provisional member on-call for magical emergencies.)

So long as Wolverine isn’t on the team, I’m good.

Leadership, brains, muscle, strategy, and magic cover most bases, I think. I hate psychics, but enough of these guys are resistant.

Cyclops: leader/tactical expert
Dr. Strange: magic/psychic protection
Iron Fist: martial arts fighter/ street-level guy
Bruce Banner/Hulk: brains & best emergency-only tank ever
Namor: tank/royalty/sea-based/flyer/brooding jerk
Nova: flight/space guy
Ms. Marvel: token female/flight/tank
Amadeus Cho: strategist/brains/wildcard

A team has to be well-rounded, unlike the period when The Avengers (Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) were really The Avengers (Earth’s Mightiest Martial Artists).

The Tank: Beta Ray Bill
The Martial Artist/Tactician: Rocket Raccoon (leader)
The Brain: Amadeus Cho
The Blaster: Ms. Marvel
The Cosmic: Adam Warlock
The Competent Comic Relief: Deadpool

ETA: I guess I should read the thread before answering. Lots of overlap with drastic quench. I almost chose Namor as my tank, too.