Designing the Future

Meet the guy who makes his living doing the ubercool computer interfaces we see in the movies. I note that most of the movies he does are pretty crappy (with his stuff being the coolest shit in the film, it seems obvious that Microsoft cribbed their Surface idea from him). This leads me to ask, “Why the hell hasn’t Apple or Microsoft cut him a big fat check so that he works for them now?” I realize that his stuff’s all just “animation,” but he’s a damn site better at the whole “look and feel” end of things than the folks at the big software companies are.

Very fancy. Perhaps excessively detailed, to the point where it would be over-stating what is actually occurring for the sake of whizz bang graphics.

I’ve been doing some interface design for a short film, and it’s interesting how easy it is to either over- or under-complicate things. You have to show enough activity to make it look funky and flashy, but not so much that it looks cluttered and cause the audience to not recognise what’s being displayed.

Just figuring out what kind of details need to be on there is a challenge in itself.