I am trying to post a pretty design made out of keyboard characters on MPSIMS. I get it all made up, preview my post, and it is all clumped together in a big clumpy E(you have to use your imagination to see the E).

Is there any code(vB or otherwise) that will fix my woes? I already tried {code}{/code} (only with instead of {} )and it worked partially; the design isn’t an E anymore, but the spacing is still out of whack.

Ah, nevermind. I fiddled alot with the spacing and lines and it is done. For a peek, click here.

And better yet, that post was my 402[sup]nd[/sup] post!

Link please?
If you try to make an ASCII picture using the CODE tag that should work out pretty well if you have the spacing right, as long as the lines are very short (the CODE tag doesn’t wrap lines.)

find gif2asc
It converts pictures to ascii representation.

I se that you fixed your entry. To make ascii art the old-fashioned way (by hand), go into a word-processing program of some kind, set your font to a monospace font such as Courier, and create your artwork. Then you can copy and paste it into (e.g.) an e-mail, or post it on a webpage, as long as the e-mail or the webpage will use a monospace font to display it.

I imagine that you could also use the font tag, as such:

[font=courrier new]This should be monospaced[/font]
This should be monospaced

That way, you don’t have the annoying line spacing from the code tag.