Desparate Republicans Stoop to Spam to Prop Up Flagging Support

Check out the spam I received from Jack Oliver, Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Have they no shame? Or are they just appealing to their natural constituentcy, the lame denizens of the email sewer that pass this political glurge around and around in a circle jerk of right wing propaganda?

Click Here To Get a Bush Mousepad!

The Party of Lincoln is sinking to new depths; fear will make political parties do desparate things, but this is pathetic!

An e-mail newsletter? It’s actually not a bad idea. We did that in Congress all the time - except we wasted the taxpayer’s money on hardcopies mailed out.

Somehow, when I read the title of the thread, I just couldn’t get the image of Bob Dole flogging Viagra out of my mind.

How dare they actually send newsletters to those who are interested! Oh, the humanity
And while we are at it, how dare that straightdope newsletter appear in my inbox Thursday, just because I asked for it. Cecil must be getting absolutely “desparate”.

Gosh, you would think the Internet was a place for the free exchange of ideas, or something, to hear some people talk.


Your OP just reminded me that I am furious with a local TV station here. I don’t really think that I can count on unbiased news when they just organized a “pro-war” rally in the park.

Not sure of your point. Is it your contention that the Democrats are just too fucking stupid to use the internet? I don’t think that’s true at all. In fact, I seem to recall that they were ahead of the Republicans in using this medium for a lot of applications, including mass emailings. But since I’m not personally on any of their lists, I’m confident that someone who is will be able to correct me or back me up here.

Democrats are quite cognizant, Manny. Many know the difference between “elected” and “installed”, for instance. Or the distinction between “necessary war” and “brutal, knuckle dragging display of mindless machismo”. Just to name a couple.

Too bad so few of them understand the concepts of “electoral college” or “cease-fire violations”, though.


That didn’t take too long.

You put quotes around “pro war”, but I’ll bet anything that it was a “Pro America” or “Support our troops” rally.

I went to the one in my city last night. We have a large Kurdish refugee population here. Several spoke and told us their tale of escape from Iraq. One man told of seeing the yellow smoke from the chemical artillery shells that were shot at them as they trekked for the border.

One very interesting point they made was that they fear the Turks as much as the Iraqis, and pleaded that the U.S. not let the Turks adminstrate the region as they will slaughter the people just like Hussein has.

You’ve put your finger on it, Shodan. It is indeed the Dems lack of sophistication that leads them to believe that the electoral college was a mechanism for manifesting the will of the majority, when in the proper hands it is a device for thwarting it.

Of course, no such problem exists for the second term, a “cease fire violation” means whatever Our Leader says it means.

My point was that this was unsolicited, unwanted email, of which my inbox is jammed every day. This type of shotgun appeal for money is no different than the penis enlarging, mortgage refinancing, teen boinking crap generated by the worst of the spammeisters, and now the RNC has joined them. If they want to send a newsletter to their members, fine; but don’t harass me along with a million other unwilling addresses who have no interest in listening to their pathetic haranguing.

And my point is that the Republicans are by no means exclusive in this.

Me? I think it’s stoopid. People hate spam more than they hate direct mail (except maybe during the anthrax scare) and some even hate it more than telemarketing. So it seems counterproductive to me. But let’s not pretend this is a Democratic or Republican thing. It’s a “politicians seizing on opportunities” thing.

Hell, there’s a democratic supporter spamming this very thread. And a Republican supporter spamming him right back.

A loaf of bread and a jar of mustard and we’ll have ourselves a big ol’ picnic.

Who exactly sent you that email? Was it directly from the Republican party, or was it someone you know kitting that “Email this to a friend” link? If it’s the latter, I don’t really think it’s fair to aim your annoyance at the GOP.

I’m as anti-spam as anyone (I think both the spammer and anyone who sends him money should be executed in public), but it’s not spam unless it is selling something. By selling I mean commercial, not “selling the war.” It might be annoying, but i’d rather political parties used email than either wasted our donation money or used franking privileges.

It came from “Jack Oliver, Deputy Chairman, RNC” (, so it was direct from the RNC to me. Spam.

Boy, not much on the Constitution, are they?

Not exactly. And when I say, “not exactly”, I mean not even close.

A cease fire violation would be when one party violates the terms of a cease fire. You know, like the missiles, chemical munitions, firing on US aircraft, stuff like that.

It’s not really a matter of someone’s opinion whether or not those things have happened, now is it? The violations have occurred; now the debate is whether or not the UN really means anything when it does something.


As to your first point, Shodan all the sophisticated machinations at your command will not erase the simple fact that a majority by half a million Americans prefered Gore to Bush. You have your reasons, I am sure, for ignoring this unpleasant fact.

As to your second…I wouldn’t have thought it possible you could make a weaker point, yet, you surprise me. As has been laboriously pointed out to you, the nature of a cease-fire violation lies entirely with the authority of the UN. The US is a member of the UN, not the reverse. The US can no more make decisions for the UN than Tennesee can declare war on Canada on behalf of the US. But that is a legal nicety, rather like your charming devotion to the Electoral College. There is no reason why it should trouble you any more than it troubles Our Churchill.

As to the clarity of the facts in the matter, one has to wonder: if the truth is apparent, so easily accessible, why must lies be called out to support an entirely irrefutable case? You have followed along with us, you know what I mean. Time and again, Our Leader has looked us right in the eye and told us whoppers. Reports that never existed, testimony from defectors edited to fit the preferred slant.

If the truth is so available, why does he need lies and half-truths?

(I apologize for a case of hijackitis. But I couldn’t let that stand.)