Desperate Housewives 1/7

I was out of town and have not even watched my tape yet. Did you folks see this episode, the first new one of this year for the series? Any comments?

Saw it, was slightly underwhelmed. Susan, predictably, can’t quite keep her promise to Ian. Nora’s daughter is just like Nora, Bree takes graciousness to new heights, and Gabby can’t stay away from her ex. Oh, and teenage girls are two-faced and teenage boys are horndogs.

Okay, maybe I should have spoilered the first one, but the rest are pretty vague general statements that could pertain to almost any episode.

No, what you posted was perfectly fine. I was not expecting the twist with Danielle bedding Julie’s guy. Not too interested in Gabi and Carlos; they just keep doing the same thing over and over. I was more interested in how Lynnette and Tom would deal with the new little girl in their house.

Susan - don’t care.
Gaby - don’t care.
Lynette - vaguely care but only enough to call her an idiot for sending in the thugs to drag the girl out. Is she just pathologically incapable of taking a stand?
Bree - the only interesting one in the lot. Spin her off into her own show with Orson and the kids and jettison the dead weight.

Of Desperate Housewives: The Next Generation
Julie - don’t care
Austin - don’t care, and I still can’t figure out why he’s not hot but he’s so not hot
Danielle - “Little Miss Van de Tramp” was a good line but…don’t care
Andrew - the boy needs a boyfriend and a storyline, perhaps in an all-Van de Camp spin off.
The Ps and the horrible new girl - don’t care. Throw 'em all to Art and be done with them.

Was a gay inmate making a pass at Mike towards the end?

You are so right; he is so not hot.

Ah…I didn’t realize that specific memories could be targeted with Electroshock therapy. I thought it was more of a wide spectrum thing.

I’m glad to see Valerie “Alma” Mahaffey join the cast, at least for while. I like her, and the character may bring some seriously camp craziness with her.

Gaby and Carlos as the ethnic Tracy and Hepburn? I think not.

I hope Tom’s pizza place burns down and takes little Rhoda Penmark with it.

Why is Austin so intent on banging Susan’s whiney chinless daughter?

Where the hell did Julia Sugarbaker get to? Did she have a nightclub gig and ran out on the show?

Speaking of memories…I thought I was in the House MD thread when I previously posted here! :rolleyes:

That was Paul, who’s in jail for the murder of Felicia, which not only did he not commit but which never actually happened (she cut off a couple of her fingers and faked the rest).

Hee. I never understood why she got hired; everyone else (except maybe Felicity Huffman) is good-looking, even the evil people.

Buh? Was this meant for another thread? Its’ my understanding that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may aversively effect recent memories, but I don’t think one could target a specific one.

Not cool. She was hired as a 14 year old for her abilities. Lord forbid you have to look at slightly less attrative people for a little bit. :rolleyes:

Besides, I think she’s cute.
I liked this one. No laugh out loud moments, but I did not see the twist in Austin and Danielle’s story coming and you gotta love Bree’s “my husband isn’t a killer” dinner party.

To tell you the truth, Wolfian, though I think she’s a good little actress and is well suited to the role, when it comes to this particular storyline, her looks are kind of a detriment. Only because the guy is (or is supposed to be )a hot, bad boy type and I don’t buy that he would be so enamored of a plain jane like her. I don’t want to debate whether that’s fair or not; sadly it’s just how life is (speaking as a plain jane myself). The Van de Tramp isn’t particularly pretty either, in my opinion, but she does have an air of sexuality about her. Julie - not so much.

See, I think they’ve developed the relationship between Austin and Julie quite believably. She thought he was a jerk and he thought she was a tightass and as they got to know each other she saw him as less jerky and he saw her as someone he wanted to be with. He moved from “you know you want me” to “I want you to want me” with her.

Lord knows I’d like to see more realistic looking people. But I am surprised the network would ever think that, especially given that the whole show is airbrushed with cartoon bright colors.
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Yes, I screwed up (memory loss) and posted in the wrong thread.