Desperate Housewives 11/20

Hey, where is everyone?

Well, they caught Caleb without much fanfare, and not till the end. Things continue to develop, as far as we can tell, between Danielle and Caleb’s brother.

I liked the twist with Susan and her father’s true identity, her mom’s wedding confession; Carlos’ grief over the loss; I had a feeling Gabi was pushing down her feelings about it. I didn’t quite like the scenario with the creepy guy camping out on her porch—wouldn’t most people have called the police?—and taking her away to say goodbye via letting go of a balloon. It was a bit much for me.

It took Bree longer than it should have to dump George. The guy had been showing bad signs before his blow-up in the restaurant, and she should not have been so dismissive of the woman that came to warn her.

Lynnette did indeed make a point with the pretend abduction, but it was still a strange way to have to prove something to Tom. Typical for her, though.

She wasn’t dismissive at all – she was just being Bree. The official policy is that everything is Just As It Should Be, and so that’s what she gave the woman. Good ol’ WASP-ish righteous indignation, while every word that she heard rang true.

Mrs. McClusky and her taser attack was effing priceless.

I had a moment of sympathy for Gabi last week, but no more. Such a horrid selfish woman. Can she not even drum up a tear for the sake of her husband’s loss, if not her own? How much harder must that be for Carlos, losing the baby, to see his wife all perky and happy to go shopping?

I thought Bob Newhart was going to turn out to be Susan’s dad. Yay for Mike tossing down wet leaves from the gutter to give Susan a huge hint to bug the f–k out of his driveway!

I liked the tasering of the would-be child abductor. Nice twist. I wonder if he will file a complaint against Lynette?

I rolled my eyes at the wedding confession – what woman in her right mind would choose such a time for that? Then I remembered she’s supposed to be Susan’s mother. Apple, tree.

I don’t know how I feel about Lynnette’s fear for her children playing outside after dark. I’m sad that parents fear stranger abductions. From everything I’ve heard, the greater danger is from people they know, teachers, coaches, babysitters, scout leaders, etc. Making sure they don’t take candy from strangers is just a teensy bit of what they need to know to protect themselves.

Mike is very cold toward Susan, isn’t he? If he really loved her, he’d try to understand why she did what she did.

As for the balloon thing – that rang a bell. I don’t know if it was from a TV movie or if it’s something I’ve heard that people do, but it brought a tear to my eye. I like that actor.

I liked this episode, mostly because bad stuff happened to the characters I’m growing to hate.

I despise Gabrielle. She was fun to watch when she was being a little bad, and mowing the lawn in an evening gown to cover it up. But by now she’s been shown to be such an utterly worthless human being, I was all excited when it looked like That Guy was kidnapping her. So that turned out a bit disappointing, though I did get to crack up my husband by saying, with great emotion, “Healing . . . through littering.”

The best part was Mike throwing moldy leaf crud at Susan. She went from my favorite character to my least favorite. I understand her fear for Julie, but that should have led to her sucking it up and sacrificing her relationship if it came to that, not lying and manipulating and trying to have it both ways. Now she’s just annoying, and is half-stalking him.

Personally I think Mike should ask Bree out. They’re the only decent people on the show now. I’m pretty much watching for Bree these days.

Can you tell the charm is wearing thin for me? I hope they turn some of this around and make it entertaining again. I’m especially diappointed because Julia Sweeney’s working on this season, and normally I think she’s really talented.

I can’t put a finger on why, but I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to turn out that Gabi is still pregnant; like she was pregnant with twins and only lost one. I’m probably wrong, but we’ll see.

I loved the taser scene. It proves that no matter how much she bitches about those boys, Mrs. McClusky doesn’t hate them after all. And the poor dupe from Lynette’s office probably will never do another favor for anyone so long as he lives.

She won’t. She knows how much Susan cares for him and dating Mike would be rude. Besides, he’s a plumber! Bree marries doctors and dates pharmacists! She wouldn’t stoop so low as to date someone who (horrors!) works with his hands.

Pharmacists don’t work with their hands? Then how do they put the pills in the little bottles?

I don’t get why people think Bree is “nice.” She’s generally agreeable, pleasant and polite, but I don’t think she’s nice.

You know what I mean. It’s not manual labor. I mean, doctors work with their hands too.

I think Bree is assertive and confident and unwilling to put up with crap. If you mean she’s not nice like Susan, bend-over-backwards-even-if-it’s-stupid nice, yes, you’re right.

It’s how Bree goes about not putting up with crap. She doesn’t put up with her son’s crap by setting him up with drugs and getting him kicked off the swim team, and then shipping him off to some boot camp. Twice. She doesn’t put up with her husband’s crap by making the bed while he’s sitting sownstairs having a heart attack.

Susan, you’re a jerk. Mike was literally throwing garbage on you and still you don’t get the message. Incredible.

Oh, and Mike you’re a jerk too!

George, you’ve deliciously evil and I love it. I know it probably won’t happen but, I’d love you to stick around and cause havoc for a while.

You know, I had forgotten that Bree covered up the fact that her son ran over an old lady, so she goes on my shitlist too. (Actually, that seems to be one of the plot threads they just dropped and pretended it didn’t exist anymore.) And yeah, she probably wouldn’t consider Mike a potential mate - not when it’s all about the dinner parties.

Other than that, I do think she’s a pretty nice person. It seems like most of her obnoxious behavior comes from her innate need for things to be (or appear) perfect, and that’s something she both struggles with and has trouble acknowledging. The other women so often seem to be morally bankrupt or incredibly bitchy with full malice aforethought. I miss when they were all just flawed-but-likeable.

I am starting to fall in love with Edie. She really gets the good zingers!

“Bring out the emotionally overwrought Susan. She’s fun to watch.”

“Don’t make me apologize again. It hurt my teeth the first time.”