Desperate Housewives 10/18

Kathryn can’t let go of Mike; the new neighbors throw a party, and more.

Anyone notice how the new neighbors’ son looks like “Edward” the vampire from the Twilight movies? Guess they’re trying to appeal to the pubescent viewers…

That is all.

The interplay among Carlos, Tom, and Lynette over the twins/Twins was funny. Just an okay ep. though.

Haven’t watched it at all this season and so far, haven’t missed it either. How about a quick synopsis?

Wait don’t tell me, let me guess:

Lynette is still a manipulative lying bitch,

Susan is still a wacky manipulative bitch,

Gabby is still obsessed with her looks and money while being a manipulative bitch,

and Bree is still Bree.

Right so far?