Desperate Housewives 10/12

I do not have a clue as to what is happening in this one. See ya later.

Wow, there really are no likeable women characters in this show. Mrs. McClusky isn’t too bad but she’s sticking her nose into things and making trouble for herself. Dana Delaney’s character isn’t too annoying yet this season but I couldn’t stand her last season.

Did I miss them explaining that Gabby and Carlos adopted the kids? Because I don’t see how else they can have a child that’s about 10 years old when only five years have passed?

Lynette is totally despicable and irredeemable. I want Tom to cheat on her. She does not deserve him. She is a selfish harpy. She expected him to throw out all his stuff, what about at least a garage sale? Then she purposely wrecks his bass guitar and sets her daughter up for the blame. She needs to get a brain tumor which causes her to have to get a frontal lobotomy, then she can just sit in a chair and drool. Then I might like her character a little.

It hasn’t aired here yet, but the two little girls are still little; the one who is very chubby is only about 4 1/2 years old. Did they jump forward in time again?
Gabby said that the past five years and two kids had taken a toll on her. I assume she meant she gave birth to them…

That oldest kid, Juanita, is way too big and speaks too well to be four and a half. I can buy little Maynard being about 5 but Juanita, no.

I have a five year old daughter and I agree.

I don’t care much about the truthiness details of Gabby’s kids’ ages. It is “Desperate Housewives”, after all, not “Gandhi”. I’m just happy that she and Carlos are still together and that his blindness did not get miraculously healed.

I do agree that Lynette was a total asshole this week.

Seriously. What is up with that? She’s a hair’s breath away from being downright abusive to poor Tom (whom I love). And this just a week after her super-creepy fake Myspace affair with her son. I have a hard time concentrating on whether or not Edie’s husband is evil when there is a genuine sociopath living on the same street.

Ah, but this isn’t real life. :wink: Gabi mentioned Juanita’s age last week or so as
4.5; the show is now taking place five years after last season’s events.
Okay, done.

Lynnette’s behavior was nothing short of horrendous. To tell Tom he can’t play bass, and then to put the blame on Penny for the bass being destroyed is sadistic.

Oh, c’mon! Does Lynette’s behavior really surprise anyone? She’s not Satan, after all. Satan has a conscience.

I know Edie’s husband Dave is probably all evil, but I like what he’s doing to Wisteria Lane so far.

I feel bad for Mrs. McClusky though. Geez, shut up woman! I’d have known she was fishing with her first question about my past, never-mind the other dozen. Hope you like nursing homes, because I have a feeling you’re going to be “imagining” someone breaking into your home soon.