Desperate Housewives 4/20

Gabi finally comes to terms with having a blind husband. I wonder if she’ll actually start treating him decently.

Well, towards the end Gabi started treating him properly. Took her awhile, though.

I was pleased with the ending to the Bree/Katherine story, although if I were Katherine I would’ve been way more pissed off about the food poisoning thing.

Naked Orson…ugh.

I don’t think Tom actually burned the place down. He knows that Lynette would know and lose a LOT of respect for him if that were the case. I think it will be Lynette suspecting him, Tom denying it, it causing problems in their marriage, and then they’ll find out that someone else did it.

Why the hell am I still watching this show?

Gabby stealing handicapped parking spaces and then whining about toothpaste tubes? Catherine claiming to be Bree’s soulmate yet being a condescending bitch during the event-planning? Lynnette actually thinking Tom would go from throwing a brick to committing arson?

Gawd. I think I’m done with this nonsense. The show finally jumped the shark for me when Gabby wrestled the wheelchair guy for his cell phone.

I still love this show. For me, it’s important to remember that it’s a farce. It’s Stepford wives after the liberation, and some are more liberated than others. I love the characters. I love the stories. And I love the themes.

Yeah, I thought the last two episodes were pretty good. Lots of humorous moments. Did you catch Gaby’s throwaway line about the Spurs?

Katherine is mean in a way that Bree isn’t. “Isn’t learning fun,” and “pronounced it right the first time” were just nasty things to say. I don’t see Bree saying that, because while she is fundamentally a perfectionist, she’s not fundamentally a bitch.

No, what did she say? (Is she still together with the Spurs player?)

Could it have been one of the kids? I remember thinking that there must be some reason they were showing the kids eavesdropping on Lynette and Tom’s argument about Rick.

Is Lynette’s cancer back? After Tom said her hair was coming back, she said (after he left the room) “It’s back alright.” It seemed like she was talking about something other than her hair.

I agree with whoever said, remember it’s a farce with regard to the handicapped space storyline.

and I agree with whoever pointed out that Katherine was unnecessarily bitchy to Bree.

I think Lynette should just leave her husband. Don’t like him.

But Orson is so perfect for Bree. I’d hate to see him leave.

I can take a farce, if I care about the characters. Maybe it’s because Ivylad does have a handicapped placard that I got so irked at Gabby’s antics.

When I stop giving a damn, it’s time to change the channel. I hung in for the longest time, but I think I’m out.

She was reading the newspaper to Carlos and it was a story about a Spurs All-Star player being traded. Eva Longoria is married in real life to Spurs All-Star Tony Parker.

Good theory. The situation is going to heat up even more next week. Perhaps it’s the young’uns’ way of keeping the parents together.

I’m pretty sure the “it” she was referring to was actually Rick. Either Rick the person or her feelings for him.

I was utterly disgusted by her reaction to first seeing Rick again. She practically fell all over the guy right in front of her husband. I’d be pissed as hell, too if I were him.

I didn’t see that kind of reaction at all…in fact, I thought she looked scared and worried. She didn’t hug him, or touch him…she seemed to be trying to be polite but like she really, really wanted him to leave before Tom saw him. And I thought the scene with her hair just meant that while her hair might be growing back, it wasn’t the same and looked like crap…come on, in the wig she looked hot…but the regrowing hair was skimpy and stiff and thin, and she’s afraid it will always look that bad.

I don’t get the problem with Gabby and the handicapped spot - blind people can’t drive themselves, so wouldn’t a handicapped tag be for the blind man’s caretaker/driver? I suppose she might be guilty of taking advantage of the situation, but surely it’s legitimate, isn’t it?

I agree that there’s no way Tom torched Rick’s place. I wonder if Rick himself could have done it to make Tom look bad. One thing that I hope the writers haven’t forgotten - in season 3, Tom and Lynette had a heck of a time getting nearby residents to allow them their liquor license. If Rick’s place can’t serve alcohol, he’ll have trouble competing no matter how good a chef he is. It would be a nice nod to continuity if Rick has that problem, leading him to torch the restaurant himself (to make Tom look bad, or for insurance money, or just to cut losses).

I totally called Bree getting the award when she was told she wouldn’t be presenting it.

The problem was when she was using the handicapped spot without Carlos in the car at all. Also, she really shouldn’t be using it if Carlos is just going to be sitting in the car, though they didn’t seem to make a big deal about that.

That could make for an intersting story, however they could sidestep the whole thing by saying that once they let Tom have his, they can’t deny another person who’s in virtually the same location. (Assuming they still have some left to give out, most cities only have a certain number of them).

OTOH, she really pulled off the Annie Lenox look.