Desperate Housewives 1/8

A very satisfying episode tonight, with a lot of great stuff going on and many memorable moments:

Leaving some space here in case you haven’t watched your tape just yet…

*Andrew’s attempted blackmail of Bree, his scenes with his lover, her reference to him as an S.O.B. and her turning the tables on him by getting Susan’s ex to give her legal advice. That he threatened Andrew was a surprise to me.
*Gabi and Lynnette’s dispute over kissing each other’s husbands.
*Carlos actually considering Gabi’s suggestion that he have an affair.
*Caleb gobbling ice cream–“I didn’t do it!”–and Michael Ironside’s bizarre accidental suicide. And the scuffle that led to the accident that led to the finding of the dead body in the trunk.
*I can’t believe I actually kinda liked Edie in this one.
*Susan and Julie reaching out to Zach—dang!
Where the heck is Danielle van de Kamp?

“Where the heck is Danielle van de Kamp?”

Turnin’ tricks in Tijuana?

Carlos coming on to Lynette was very creepy. He’s a slimeball.

I have Comcast. I lost the first few minutes after Gabby kissed Tom because for some reason it started broadcasting in Spanish, so I didn’t understand what Lynette and Gabby were talking about while they were washing dishes.

The problem with Gabby kissing Tom is that it went just a few seconds too long. You do the kissy-face, get the laugh, then let go. I can understand that Lynette was irked.

Why oh why won’t Bree remind Andrew that she’s covering up a crime he committed? Did Cherry forget about the hit and run? I hate that…she has a stronger hold over him than he does over her, and it’s like the writers completely forgot about it. :smack:

Yay on Susan’s ex slamming Andrew up against the wall. I did notice Bree always seemed to have a drink in her hand…when she saw Andrew and Justin kissing out by the car, and again when she left the table to get more coffee and overheard the conversation, she already had a glass of wine in her hand.

Lynette takes Tom just a bit for granted, telling him how lucky she is that no one could love an idiot like him. Not very nice.

I want Sister Rene-Zellwegger Lite back, I want to see a confrontation between Susan’s mother and her father’s wife, and I want Bossy Boobs to show up again.

Bree is hardly lilly-white in that area. She did, after all, conspire and act to cover up the crime after the fact. I don’t think she has much to gain by bringing the incedent to the police’s attention.

Indeed. Still a pretty good episode.

My newspaper did some interview (can’t remember if it was with Marcia Cross or with the writers, though) and they said that Bree’s going to develop an alcohol problem.

You could tell that from next week’s previews Bree gets pulled over for drunk driving.