Desperate Housewives 5/7

Conflicts and crises continue to build…Bree and Andrew are still going at it, Edie has hired a private detective to check on Karl, and how will Gabi and Carlos get baby Lily back? And what of the Applewhites?

Come on in when you’re done watching it, and let’s gab away.

I thought this episode was a bit too soap operatic.

The Bree storyline was very sad. Wouldn’t Andrew be entitled to get access to his trust fund now that his mother threw him out?

The Susan storyline was just as stupid as usual. Edie remains the least likeable character on the show; while Susan continues to be the stupidest. Edie has always treated her like dirt so I don’t quite get Susan’s caring about her.

I think we’re being led to believe that Tom’s having an affair but I don’t think that’s what’s really going on there.

The Gabrielle storyline continues to amuse me. She’s easily my favorite character on the show because at least she’s honest about her own moral shortcomings.

Wow. So much mental instability, in so little time!

Andrew finally got what he deserved. I’ve always felt a little sorry for him because of Bree’s reaction to his homosexuality way back when, but he’s since turned that into an excuse to be the biggest bastard he can be. I never understood why Bree fought his emancipation suit so hard in the first place.

Ok, I know we’re in TV land here, but burning down Susan’s house? :rolleyes: Yes, Susan was responsible for the fire that burned down Edie’s house, but that was an accident (a dumbass, poorly-handled accident, but an accident nonetheless). All I kept thinking while I was watching Edie sprinkle the gasoline was “Is Julie in the house?” That was just incredibly reckless, even for Edie. And where was Julie? We never saw her running out of the house, nor did Susan call for her when she saw the fire, but in the last shot suddenly Julie is standing right next to Susan.

I missed 10-15 minutes of the middle of the show while tending to laundry:[ul][]Did they explain what happened between Tom and the boss to make Tom haul off and hit him?[]Did Carlos and Gabby make any effort to get Lilly back before coming up with the surrogate idea?What happened with the Applewhites? I caught the very end of that scene, and it looked like Betty locked Matthew in the basement (in Caleb’s old “room”) and was going to take off with Caleb. Did Matthew do something, or did it seem like that was Betty’s real plan all along?[/ul]

That was not explained. At least that I saw. All I saw was Lynette watching them through glass.

[li]Did Carlos and Gabby make any effort to get Lilly back before coming up with the surrogate idea?[/li][/Quote]

I think they said that Carlos and Gabby were urged by church members to seek another adoption but Gabby said she couldn’t go through with such hurt again.

[li]What happened with the Applewhites? I caught the very end of that scene, and it looked like Betty locked Matthew in the basement (in Caleb’s old “room”) and was going to take off with Caleb. Did Matthew do something, or did it seem like that was Betty’s real plan all along?[/ul][/li][/Quote]

Betty took Caleb on a picnic where Caleb revealed that Matthew had set him up. She then basically locked him in the basement as punishment.

I completely agree with you on the Edie storyline. Why are they setting her up to be such a psychopath? I hope she gets arrested.

The writers are definitely starting to run on empty. That tired old storyline about mailing a letter and struggling to get it back was a staple of sitcoms FIFTY YEARS AGO! :wally

So, did Andrew actually sleep with Peter, or did he just arrange things to make it look so, maybe spilling a drink on Peter’s clothes and hopping into bed while Peter is cleaning up in the bathroom?

Yes, Bree’s reaction to Andrew coming out was harsh, but remember, this is the same kid who ran over an old lady while driving drunk, and basically telling his mom she had to cover for him because Mama Solis was old and he had his whole life in front of him.

I wonder if Matthew set up Caleb before, with the first girl that was killed? Or was that truly an accident and Matthew is using that to get rid of him? And will Betty use the phenobarbitol on Matthew now?

If I were a writer on the show, I’d have the following three things happen during the next season’s premire: 1. The attempt at surrogacy would be a success. 2. Lily’s mother would have her taken away for doing something Britney Spears caliber stupid, and Lily would be returned to Gabi and Carlos, who though feeling a bit overwhelmed would jump at the chance to get her back. 3. Then, when they’ve got that to deal with, Gabi would find out that she’s not unable to carry a baby after all. Surprise! Three kids under the age of one should cause entertaining break-downs :smiley: Imagine, Lynnette would then be a voice of wisdom…
So am I the only one who doesn’t feel bad for Susan? Now she and Edie are even.

They did explain what happened between Tom and his boss…the boss confronted him about the evidence that Tom had charged some suspicious items to his expense account…theater tickets, flowers, side trip to Atlantic City…

I, too, was surprised that the first thing Susan didn’t scream was “Oh, my God, where is Julie?” And I also thought that perhaps the fire would spread to the Applewhite’s house, killing the trapped Matthew.

Andrew can’t access his trust fund, because his grandparents cancelled it when they found out he was gay. That whole scene at the gas station was incredibly sad, despite all the horrible things Andrew has done.

And a season or two ago there was a scene between Tom and his dad where Tom implies he’s done something horrible…since I don’t recall that getting resolved, it looks like they are finally getting around to it…

I like that Lynette didn’t immediately confront Tom. She’s giving him the benefit of the doubt, the opportunity to explain himself, then I think Oliver Weston (the PI Mike punched) is going to be getting some more work on Wisteria Lane.

I actually felt bad for him, the way he was holding onto “but I won”. I too wonder whether he really did sleep with Peter, but I’m guessing yes because they didn’t show Peter trying to explain or anything.

Yeah, and burning another house down :rolleyes: Scratching the bottom of the barrel…

Carlos fantasizing about Xiao-Mei to achieve DNA collection…and then the preview for next week “Your boobs, are they tender?” in that over-enunciated I’m-talking-to-a-foreigner-voice :wink:

Yeah, I saw that scene (Gabby talking with “the girls” in front of tons of free food from the church people). It still surprises me that there was no further mention of trying to get Lilly back – Mom shows up out of the blue and takes the baby, and that’s it? Even if they truly have no further recourse, it would have been nice to know that before seeing them turn to the surrogacy idea. To me, seeing Gabby latch on to that idea so quickly kind of negated a little of the emotion she showed when they took Lilly away. I know, I know, everyone grieves differently, and Gabby’s never been one to wallow, I guess I just felt like Lilly deserved more of a wrap-up. :slight_smile:

Oooohhh. Thanks. And good for Caleb! I couldn’t believe Matthew was able to stand there and watch Betty mix up that frozen yogurt and not tell her it was his fault.

Nah: an accidental fire vs. a deliberate one that could have killed someone aren’t “even.” Susan’s a twit, but never mean or destructive on purpose. I’m starting to think that Edie’s even crazier than Susan.


I think that remains the thing about this episode that bugged me the most. It seems like a huge oversight on the part of the writers – hell, if I were Terri Hatcher and got that script I’d damn well ask someone why I wasn’t yelling for my daughter in that scene!

Did Boss say to Lynette that he’d talked with Tom about the expense reports? I thought he just talked to Lynette about it without indicating that he’d told Tom.

Because that’s how someone in the *real * world would react: hmmm…let my brother die needlessly, or explain to Mom that I did something bad?

That was my take, too – that Tom cold-cocked the boss precisely so he could get fired immediately, in the hope that the forensic auditing would stop – but it didn’t.

I’ve got a different take on that. BossMan made some sort of snide comment about Tom’s expense reports. Tom, hugely insulted, punches him.

I think there’s a perfectly rational explanation for the side trips on the expense reports. Maybe Ed is a skinflint and in order to woo a client, Tom needs more money than what he is allotted, so he cashes in his first class ticket to get more schmoozing money.

But…but…how long is Matthew going to be locked in that basement? Mom’s about to take off with Caleb.

I think you mean “let my brother die needlessly, or explain to (my certifiably insane) Mom (who is standing in front of me with a ginormous bottle of poison and who has a big gun) that I did something bad?”

Not that I’m excusing Matthew, but if I found myself stranded on a kitchen island with Batshit Applecrazy I’d be a little hesitant about playing True Confession too.

I’ve stopped expecting realism in DH, but I still feel cheated. If the writers are trying for a comedy-drama mix, they’re failing miserably.

The characters are acting out of character just to advance the plot. One week we’re expected to believe Gaby is devastated at losing Lily; next week she’s over it and pressuring her maid to be a surrogate. Is that even true – that if you’re pregnant with a U.S. citizen you can stay in the U.S.? If it is, how is paternity determined?

We’re supposed to believe Peter controlled himself with Bree, but couldn’t control himself with her underage son, in her house.

Betty Applewhite cares enough for Caleb to put her life on hold to protect him, but then she’s going to kill him. Then oh no, she’ll let Matthew rot in that basement instead.

Tom should have been arrested for hitting his boss.

Any of the neighbors could have seen Edie pouring gasoline in Susan’s garage (door wide open).

Susan finally realizes Mike still cares for her because he paid off the detective. Visiting her in the hospital, punching the doctor – those weren’t clues?

And Danielle was supposed to look hot in that 8th grade dance dress?

And Andrew’s vile behavior was all because of the look in Bree’s eyes when he told her he was gay?

Nuh uh. I ain’t buyin’ it. The first season was great, but the writers really blew it in the second.

I don’t think anything happened. I think Peter got put in a compromising situation, and Bree turned on her heel and left to go pack up Andrew’s stuff.

They took that scene out, and considering that Bree is not one to to shrink from a confrontation (Danielle? Is there a black man hiding under your bed?) I wish they’d shown the aftermath. I think we’re meant to think one thing happened, and Peter will finally get Bree to listen to him say Andrew spilled milk on him or something, and then Bree will be driving her Rolls-Royce up and down the back roads of Anywhere (notice there was no state on Susan’t letter to Edie?) yelling for Andrew, ala WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!