Desperate Housewives 10/19

“Back in Business” is the title, and that’s all I know.

Anybody out there?

Susan reconfirms that she is a frakking idiot, Orson finagles his way into a job, Creepy Hubby does anything to manipulate things to his own liking, Lynnette makes an ass of herself again, and Gabi and Carlos talk too much.

Next week, we see what happened over the last five years–very quickly, I should imagine.

Based on the first episode or two this season, plus the generally scathing comments by posters, I haven’t bothered watching the last couple of episodes. I really thought they went downhill last year, with the characters becoming mere cariacatures. I hope it improves, but it doesn’t sound like it is.

Wasn’t Orson a dentist? Why is he now a “businessman”?

Orson was in prison for running over Mike; went there to placate Bree, and now no one will hire him.

I generally still enjoy the show. Edie has been a bit too stupid putting up with Mr. Nutcase. Desperate is one thing, but she’s beyond desperate. My theory is that he’s the husband of the woman accidentally killed by Susan and he’s out for revenge. I think Carlos and Gabi are funny. Lynette has always been an idiot, why should she change now. I like the way Catherine has Bree’s number.

But why is he looking for work as a “businessman”? Even without the prison sentence, if a dentist came in for a job as a financial officer, I probably would pass on him and hire someone with a semi-relevant background.