Desperate Housewives 11/12

We get to meet Orson’s abrasive mother tonight…but perhaps she’s abrasive because she’s no fan of her own son.
I believe there’s also a new neighbor in town.

Orson’s mother is played by Dixie Carter. From what I saw in the previews, she has not aged well. :eek: I’m hoping it’s lots of makeup, because I was in awe of her as Julia Sugarbaker.

I seem to recall seeing Dixie Carter on an entertainment news program not too long ago and she still looked pretty good, so hopefully it’s just makeup.

Well, she is 67 years old . . . I just hope she doesn’t perch on a piano and start to sing. Or, if she does, someone else has a gun this week.

Oh, she may sing, but not a song…

So, since Orson hates his mother and she was stashed in a nursing home, who exactly was he visiting in the mental institution when Bree had herself committed? The prevailing opinion seemed to be that it was his mother but that seemingly can’t be right.

I thought they might be bringing Art on as a new romantic interest for someone. I just didn’t predict it was going to be for Parker.

And, frankly, another example of Lynette’s horrible parenting skills blowing up in her face with potentially the worst possible consequences. By going with that stupid superhero story as opposed to, oh I don’t know, taking the kid to a few therapy sessions what with her not having to go to work indefinitely and Tom doing god knows what, she’s now set Parker up as the ideal victim.

Hasn’t Gabby gone down the ex-model runway before? Didn’t she try to work as a model in season 1, only to end up modelling waterbeds and auto shows? If she’d really been around long enough to have umty-tween covers by the time she was twenty then she was around long enough to know that her shit on the set wasn’t going to fly. Stupid storyline.

Nice to see Karl again, if only for a moment. He and Susan are still married, right? Oh wait, that’s right, I don’t care one damn bit about Susan or any of her storylines.

I can’t figure out why Austin isn’t hot. He has all the things that would otherwise make hot, but he just isn’t. it’s perplexing.

The whole Mike as murder suspect thing is so pointless, because they’ve pretty much already established that she disappeared/was murdered while he was in a coma. No real suspense for us and a distraction from the storyline.

I missed a few lines of dialogue which I’m thinking are somewhat key. What exactly transpired between Orson and his mom when they went into the kitchen? The bit that ended with “kiss me so it looks real.”

Mom said something like “I’ve accepted your wife’s kind invitation, and our quarrel is going to stop now.” Orson asked why and Mom said something like “because if you don’t then I’ll tell her what the quarrel was about.” And then the “kiss me” business.

Dixie Carter! It’s been bugging me all night, but I was too tired to look it up! I knew I knew her from somewhere…I thought she looked wonderful, even in the gray hair and lack of makeup.

I actually watched this episode with my elderly mom, and was glad it was kind of tame!

Tame but predictable…Lynette always goes for the extreme solution first, and then reluctantly does the Right Thing. And where was Nora’s daughter? I thought they would be getting custody, and she would have known about the shooting…how did they explain Nora’s death to the boys? I missed the first few minutes.

And Mike has lost all his charisma with this coma thing…He’s just this pale shell of a hunk. So if he was in a coma when the girl died, what’s with the wrench the neighbor hid for him?

And I agree on Austin’s lack of hotness…it’s not getting any better.

And horrible life skills as well.

If you find evidence that a neighbor is a probable pedophile or child molester, you report him to the police. Period.

Make the report anonymously if you wish, but you don’t leave him next door to your own kids, particularly when you’ve already set up your own child to worship the guy.

First Lynette and Tom denied that Lynette had been shot. Some kid at school told the Ps (the same kid who, per Tom, “tried to wreck Santa Claus”). When they could no longer deny Lynette’s injury, they admitted it and also acknowledged that “Auntie Nora” (ugh) was dead but that they’d all see her again in Heaven (per Tom) “or wherever” (per Lynette). Also explained that the crazy lady with the gun was in Heaven or wherever. The twins were upset that Lynette didn’t get to keep the bullet and Parker was freaked out, leading to Lynette teaching him to keep secrets with the child molester.

Ugh, looks like Julie’s inherited Susan’s moron gene. I wish she would realize that Austin may have saved her, but it’s his fault she was in that situation to begin with. If he hadn’t snuck the bottle into her backback she’d have been long gone. He’s just going to continue to get her into bad situations.

I thought Bree would have finally learned her lesson about meddling last week. Apparently not. I have to say I’m glad Andrew is back and being sarcastic all the time.

I hate Gabby too, that Diva crap was annoying. I wish she would take responsibility for her failed marriage instead of the “happiness is a crock” BS. I don’t feel bad for her at all, she caused a lot of her own problems. I’m totally on Carlos’ side.

Yeah, Lynette is being really dumb too. I was wondering where Nora’s kid was too.

I think my favorite character right now is Mrs. McCluskey.

So the Crazy Lady is chasing Aunt Nora around heaven with a gun. Odds are the kids stop going to church now.

Nora’s daughter is reportedly staying with her grandmother, presumably so everyone can be bouncy and joyous with Lynette’s homecoming without having to pause and say, “Oh yeah, sorry you’re mom’s dead.”

My husband made the very good point that Lynette mentioned Art is a swimming instructor (which I almost missed), and that’s at least a plausible explanation for the photos, in a way. Still the whole Michael Jackson basement is creepy. Unless his sister is retarded and on a child’s mental level - that could save it.

I agree, feeble, tentative Mike is so unattractive. It shows how much personality influences hotness.

I continue to enjoy this show as long as I keep reminding myself that I’m not meant to like any of the protagonists.

Yeah, I’m betting on a totally innocent explanation for the kiddie porn, *after *everyone manages to embarrass themselves and alienate New Guy.

I fell asleep after the “My cousin went to Purdue” t-shirt thing. What happened with Art and Parker??

I have to wonder if it’s really plausible than an ex-husband who supposedly still loves his ex-wife would be so easily sidetracked by his ex-wife having a new love interest from the fact that some guy had his hand up his daughter’s shirt.
Re: The supposed pedophile new neighbor. Lynette will probably do everything she can to keep her kids and maybe other kids away from him to the point of ridiculousness when she will finally cause some really big disaster, like accidentally burning down his house (although that’s been done), then it will come out that there is a reasonable explanation for the play room and pics of kids in swim trunks. Perhaps like what someone else mentioned, his sister being mentally as well as physically handicapped and the photos just innocent photos of his students.

She found out at the very end of the episode so we don’t know what her decision will be. But I can see there being some conflicting feelings about turning someone in to the police who really needs to be put away, when he has just saved your life. She might try to delude herself into making some excuse for the evidence she saw like he was a swimming intructor or something. Given the nature of the show she might also turn him in immediately and then discover it was a big misunderstanding.

I missed the first half of season one so I don’t know what was going on in their marriage to make her cheat on her husband, but assuming she was just bored it seems like a lot of the marriage problems were her own fault. Granted the Carlos sleeping with the surrogate mother was really cruel.
I too was wondering who Orson was visiting in the hospital if not his mother. Is Susan still married? Did Monique get killed before or during Mike’s coma? What’s up with the wrench?

After last week’s fireworks, this week was obviously a bit of a step back so they can re-build the tension. Still enjoyed it, however.

The playroom designed to lure little was teh creepy - but after a bit of thinking I’m also leaning towards the ‘innocent explanation’ theory, mainly because all the kiddie porn-ish pictures were in the same room. For some reason I think a pedo wouldn’t have his trophy room in the playroom.

If some guy had his hand up my daughter’s shirt, and said daughter was under the age of oh, about 25, I doubt I’d be distracted by anything less than the house burning down.

Ian - a big ‘meh’ from me. Just doesn’t do anything for me. What is Susan supposed to like about him other than his British accent?

Lynnette took Parker to Art’s house…I think they were bringing him a gift or something. They knocked on the door, found it open, walked in, Art wasn’t there; Parker started playing with the toy electric train and followed it to the basement, which was full of kid stuff–pinball machines, toys, games, etc. Lynnette then spotted a ton of photos on the wall in the corner–photos of young boys with their shirts off. I don’t remember if there were any girls. She hurried Parker out of there and watched with concern when Art talked to a girl scout selling magazines, but did not say anything.

A cake that Lynette had baked to thank him for saving her life.

I missed that Art was a swimming instructor. Maybe they’ll do a double twist where Lynette rats him out for kiddie porn but he absolves himself, only to really be guilty and have no one believe it because Lynette had already cried “wolf.”