Desperate Housewives 10/26

We get some blanks filled in tonight re: the past five years on Wisteria Lane.

So, who do you think “the man” mentioned at the very end of the episode is? I think

Edie’s new husband is the widower of the woman who Mike and Susan got into a car accident with.

elfkind, I think I speculated that very same thing for the past two episodes.

Anyway, I enjoyed this episode. Pretty predictable, but still fun. I like that they’re keeping Carlos/Gabi and Orson/Bree together. Don’t care about Susan. Care decide whether I despise Lynette or her husband more.

Why does everyone on this board seem to hate Tom and Lynnette? They’re the most real couple on the show. Every other couple is a caricature and usually an annoying one. Susan is a moron, Bree is the evil bitch you love to hate, Edie and the other redhead are the evil bitches you hate to hate, Carlos is cool, and Gabby is comically selfish.

Tom and Lynnette have arguments about real things, dress like busy parents, worry about money, love their kids, etc . . .

I thought Gabi was meaner and more manipulative than the others, and that’s saying something.
Susan is dorky but not really hateful.
Bree isn’t really worth hating, either. She’s just very controlling.
Lynnette doesn’t bug me most of the time. I just thought she wasn’t very cool about Tom’s garage band.
Edie cracks me up, and I love Mrs. McCluskey.

Dunno, I don’t hate them. I don’t like Mike and Susan because they have zero chemistry, but I like Tom and Lynnette. I might be an outlier, though, because I don’t hate thirteen either.

Really? All she did last night was get pregnant. I didn’t see anything manipulative about her. (Angry, yes. But neither mean nor manipulative - those adjectives belonged to Carlos.)

Tom is a moron. (His “I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life” whine was stupid. He made that bed. He has to lie in it for at least a little while.)

I’ve hated on Lynette for lots of reasons, but currently I think she’s right to be sick of Tom’s mid-life crisis crap. Buy an RV? Okay. Pack up the family and become Grateful Dead groupies or something? Are you high?

I don’t hate Bree at the moment. I don’t get why Orsen can’t find a job, unless he lost his dentist license.

Don’t hate Gabby either, though I don’t like how she constantly hits and shoves Carlos.

Susan is driving me the most crazy right now. I don’t get, and have usually never understood, what her constant hair-brained drama is about.

Poor Mrs. McCluskey. It almost sounded as if crazy guy genuinely wanted her out of the way before he does whatever it is that’s going to be really bad.

Orson cannot get a job because his felony record shows up when employers run a background check.

I understand that, but was wondering if he’s trying to find work as a dentist, or trying to find some general “business” job. If the latter, he must have lost his license. If the former, I’m surprised he can’t find some kind of work in dentistry, even with the felony. He seemed a pretty successful dentist before.

I think Edie’s husband has got to be Paul Young, with plastic surgery. Unless the producers have something really, really sneaky up their sleeves, it seems obvious that Mike’s his target.

For once, Lynette is totally right, without a hint of wrongness in her motivations, words, or actions. Tom is being an idiot. (though the garage band was more Dave’s manipulation than Tom’s mid-life crisis, he was ready to dump the guitar.)

I imagine that many of Orson’s patients have left him, and even if he still has his license, his reputation is too damaged to build a practice quickly enough to be profitable. He was probably looking forward to retirement pretty soon (judging from the look on his face). I’m glad he’s turned out to be a class act.

Gabby is less horrible than she was in the first four seasons.