Desperate Housewives 10/30: Witch's lament

The body of Gaby’s stepfather needs to be moved…or has it been moved already?

Susan’s art internship involves more than art.

What IS it about Tom? Or are things so bad out there that a still-married man, father of FIVE, is considered a keeper? Lady - send him back to Lynette!

I loved Penny’s costume.

Although it was too quick and too pat, Susan did a good job of telling Andre why he needs to step up and stop looking at his kid as a necessary evil in his life. The kid playing Jasper was very good in his role, too. We may see more of him.

The shadowy figure in the woods - who I assume also exhumed the body - has to be the letter writer, doesn’t it? Unless it’s Zach Young, I can’t imagine who that would be.

I can’t imagine it would be Chuck and the police department, as there was no crime scene tape or the like.

I just assumed it was some cop, security guard or park ranger who happened to be patrolling in the area.