Desperate Housewives 11/9

This one was pretty decent, with Porter’s relationship with the cougar, Gabi’s discovery that “Grandma Nutjob” is creepy and clingy; Andrew trying to save Bree and Orson from humiliation on YouTube; and Jackson’s lovely portrait of Susan.

And why is that shrink headed to Fairview? Is he worried that Edie’s hubby is going to explode all over everyone?

That would be my guess, but if he’s been calling the guy every month, why didn’t he already know where he was? Out of state cell phone or something? And if he’s operating in the capacity of an official psychiatrist, he ought to be able to just call the police.

Gabby deserves every bad thing that happens. Unfortunately, her family doesn’t.

It’s hilarious Susan isn’t getting nookie, now.


Yes, we’ve seen that Dave uses a cell phone to be in contact with the guy.

Not if there are no orders keeping him away from Fairview. All we know is Dave has to check in with the shrink once a month. The shrink knows (presumably under constraints of doctor-patient confidentiality) that Dave and Fairview are not a good mix, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s the police’s business to keep him out if there.

I was pleasantly surprised at how readily Lynette believed Tom that it wasn’t him who was having the affair. I was so sure that she was going to make him miserable for a while.

The checking in with the shrink once a month is a court order. I’d be willing to bet that not leaving the county with out some sort of permission is also a court order.

I’ve only ever been to one therapist, but one of the first things she told me was that everything’s confidential unless she felt I was a danger to myself or others. Then she’d be obligated to call the authorities. If this guy feels the need to go to Fairview, it must be that Dave is a danger to someone. There’s also the possibility the therapist has some sort of secret with Dave, and doesn’t want the authorities getting involved. Dave as much as said he’s okay with his anger issues, and the therapist didn’t pronounce him cured, but let him go anyway.

A secret? On Desperate Housewives? Now that’s just crazy talk.

What did you find lovely about it? I thought Susan was going to flip out on him when she saw it. She looked like the devil.

How does Susan keep getting all the attractive men when she’s so ditzy and not hot? Oh right, its a fantasy.

So what kind of job will Carlos get now??

and I think Lynette’s icky son and his friend’s slutty mother may just deserve each other.

Where are Lynette’s other two boys, by the way?