Desperate Housewives 3/11: Main Character Dies! (SPOILERS!)

If you do not want to know the name of the main character who died on this episode, stop reading this and go help Bree make some muffins in the kitchen…


Poor Mike Delfino…the nice guy…shot on the stoop by the mob. Still, with only about 6 episodes to go until this series ends, he got to hang around almost to the end and got to go out in a cool blaze of glory and sad tidings. As they had advertised “someone dies” in this episode, it was actually kind of funny how they set up many of the other characters in situations where you thought - “…are they the one to go tonight?”.
This show was great in the first couple of seasons, but I agree with others who say it has run out of steam and it is time to end. Will be interested in seeing what else happens in these final shows, and how it all wraps up in the May two-hour series finale.
At any rate - RIP Mr. Delfino…Wisteria Lane won’t be the same without your plumbing…

Better edit in some extra spoiler space - the mouseover in the forum list blows the deal.

Yeah, this show has gone from a very good first season into a trainwreck I can only justify watching out of pure habit.

I hope the whole town gets nuked in the finale.

Damn, I was hoping it would be Susan.

Mike was the only genuinely nice guy in the bunch, IMHO.

I had to stop watching after the first season. The main characters – especially the women – were too unbelievable and unlikeable. Bree is a manipulative bitch with no redeeming qualities. Lynette is OK, but she should have used her corporate management skills on her household; she might not have been so overwhelmed if she had. Susan is almost too stupid to live. Gaby struck me as a woman who thinks entirely with her vagina. And so forth. I don’t expect main characters to be perfect angels, but c’mon. These characters were one-dimensional and that one dimension made the show hard to watch after a while.

I stopped watching in the second season, the one with Alfre Woodard and the kid in the basement. I didn’t mind that Bree was a bitch and Lynnette couldn’t manage her family (firing that great nanny because her husband looked at her boobs), and Susan was stupid, etc., but it started to look like the characters were going to behave in whatever way served that week’s story line.

Did Mike’s death make sense? I got the impression from the entertainment media that maybe the writers killed him off because of Nicolette Sheridan’s lawsuit. Ha ha – we get rid of major characters all the time! Go away! No money for you!

Alas, I’ve been watching this show for its entire life and will be both happy and sad to see it go. Happy because, as everyone says, it’s not nearly as good as it used to be. Sad because it’s the last TV show I make the effort to watch every episode of. (With a demanding two-year-old, it’s difficult for me to get any free time at all. Many evenings I go to sleep right after I put him to bed.) So once it ends, I may stop watching TV altogether.

It did make sense. It wasn’t “Mike gets hit by a bus on the way to work” or anything like that. Of all the flaws the show has (and we could be here all day!), I got no beef with the way Mike’s death was handled. He was true to character and the seeds were all planted along the way.

Say what you will. Hubster and I will grieve mightily at the passing of Wisteria Lane. With so much CRAP on major networks today, Desperate Housewives was one of a select few programs we have truly enjoyed. It was SUPPOSED to be exaggerated, and above all, it was meant to be FUNNY.

House has been in its death throes. With those two programs ending, we’ll probably spend all our time watching reruns of Westerns from the Fifties and Sixties.

Hello, Entertaiment Industry? Wake UP! Stop with the reality show nonsense! ENTERTAIN US!

I’ll miss it! Sunday night will never be the same! :frowning: The show has gone way downhill, yes, but I’ll miss the ladies I’ve observed all these years - I’ve had a better time, (a vicarious time, but better nonetheless) with them than with my own friends and relatives.

House is ending. Man vs. Wild is no more. Dirty Jobs? who knows. I will be watching TCM, the default station on my TV. Though even they are sticking in some awful stuff lately.