Despite reports elsewhere...

CnoteChris is an upstanding dude.

Is someone dissin on me somewhere?

Cite, please?

I’m just teasin’ ya, Cnote dear. :wink:

Thanks Audi. I can always count on you, ya babe.

It’s nice to see I have a large following out there that thinks I’m upstanding. What, two replies?

All that hard work, shot to hell. -sigh-


CnoteChris - I don’t think you can count one of your own posts as a reply… But you can count mine. :slight_smile: Now you really have two replies. :wink:

[sub]<sorry I’ve been falling down on the job as of late… I -um- forgot… >[/sub]

Anything for you, C.

[sub]A smilie, just for you! Heh.[/sub]