hi steven! ha ha this is great! Catch ya later my radical dude!

hmmmmmmm this seems strangely familiar…

Hmmmmm, indeed.

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Dude! Dude…DUDE like this is so like you know hell-a-nar-nar…whoa…Dude dude…wow i’m so cool…duuude

[sub]{cough} IP trace {cough}

{cough} all the same person {cough}

{hack} troll! {snort}[/sub]

I think the Ford Pinto is a highly under-rated vehicle.

I’m assuming you’re talking about me, right? :slight_smile:

Hell no, Superdude. He meant me.

I’m sorry. Are you tring to say something here?

Say what you will about trolling but at least JDT and Bronze lion (my personal favorite of late) were creative. these…guys…ar…jUst…sTo0pid. :slight_smile: