Destroy All BOTS!

Who’s with me?

Grab your pitchforks, shovels, shotguns, baseball-bats, axes, whatever you have available.

MSK lights and passes out torches to all of the villagers of MPSIMS. (a scene follows not unlike the classic 30’s Universal horror film - Frankentstein.)

“Let’s storm the server! Destroy all Bots!! Take no prisoners! The evil bots must be destroyed!”

Come on, who’s with me?

I dunno, MSK . . . they’re kinda cute when they’re wet.

And tiggeril has so much fun fixing them up in happy fuzzy bunnies:)

I’m against it. My only company in fathomchat for the longest time before I totally gave up on it was fathombot. Lousy company, but he was always there for me.

For those of us a little hazy on the concept, what’s a “Bot”?

Good luck. You’ll be k-lined before you can throw a trout.
Inky-, a bot(in this case) is a program that resides on a server and runs in IRC as a normal user. Usually used to protect the channel from spammers, invaders, losers, etc. Can hold all the channel settings and keep them implemented in a channel wheras, if everyone left the channel, they would be lost. Can also be user to run games, store individual user information, attack channels, SPAM channels and survey channels.

Has this been happening with the sd channel lately?