Destrutible Enviroment MMORPG Players: Has this ever happened to you?

And by ‘this’ I mean accidentally drop a building onto yourself when you got too trigger happy with blowing holes into the walls.

“Oops, that was the support beam.” :eek:

I wasn’t aware there were any destrutible enviroment MMORPGs.

I haven’t heard of any. Where is this thingy?

What game did you hear of this happening in? I want to drop houses on people too!

I haven’t heard of this happening. That’s why I asked.

(As a person who is obsessed with minor details, I wondered if any games that feature a totally destructible environment would run into such awkward moments. Maybe that’s why most first person shooters have Invincible Walls.)

No, they have that because it’s amazingly hard to make a wholly destructible environment.