Determining the age of a fawn

I’ve been all over Google for an hour now, and all I can find is information for hunters to determine the ages of deer they’ve killed. I don’t need adult age charts right now, and the lowest age determination chart I found on the sites I got from Google was for six months old and up.

What I’m looking for is how to tell the age of an orphan fawn, preferrably in weeks of age, because the one we’ve got at the clinic is nowhere near six months.

The fawn in question has a total of 8 teeth, all in the very front on the bottom jaw. The two center teeth are rather large, square, and razor sharp, and there are three tiny, pointy, skinny teeth on either side of those two. They appear to be fully grown in. There aren’t any teeth even starting to emerge from the gum anywhere else in its mouth.

I’ve also been reading on how does will leave their fawns for hours at a time to find food, and that people who come across these fawns will scream “ORPHAN!” right away and pick the fawn up unnecessarily. This isn’t the case. This orphan was found in the middle of town, lying near a doe that had been hit by a car and killed. The dog catcher brought it to us this morning.

Also, any tips to supplement this link I found would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: