Detroit dopefest!!!!

So how about that long-awaited Detroit LaShish dopefest? My hope is that with some notice, we can find a date that at least suits most of us. I propose that we met either the weekend of July 12/13 or 19/20, but I am open to suggestions. Do Friday or Saturday evening of those weekends work for people?

I am also open to suggestions about which LaShish we visit. Is one of them more authentic, more convenient, something???

Count me in. I’m flexible for either of those two weekends you mentioned.

As for which LaShish, I’m new to the Detroit area, as you already know, so I will have to defer the knowledge of the long-time residents here. :slight_smile:

Either weekend is fine with me. The website is

Either date is coolio w/ me.

I’ve been to the LaShish in West Bloomfield and the one in Canton. The one in Canton has nicer decor (and is more convenient to Ann Arbor) but the food is equally good at both. I think the “original” LaShish is the East Dearborn location.

I’d love to go. If I can get a ride.


Ditto that here.

Though upon glancing at the menu, being an extremely picky eater of a teenager, I’d probably stick with a couple of orders of fries. :wink:

I need to correct this. The weekend of the 19th and 20th are good for me. The weekend of the 12th and 13th is not as we are planning to go to Muskegon that weekend.

You eat teenagers? Damn. I mean, teenagers kind of annoy me sometimes, but I don’t go so far as to actually eat them. :wink:

And where in Flint are you? Perhaps we could beg for a ride together. :smiley:

If ya’ll decide to go to a Lashish in Dearborn, I’d recommend the one in west Dearborn as there’s plenty of bars within walking distance.


There is also a LaShish in Troy, right off of Rochester Road. I’ve never been in any of the LaShish restaurants around here, so I don’t know how good the one in Troy is.

I’d love to join you guys on either weekend.

For those of you who have never had Middle Eastern food, please give it a try. It’s very light on the stomach and not at all spicy-hot like you may associate with Indian food.

If I have either weekend off of work, I’ll be out. I won’t know that for a week or so, though.

Har har har. grins I live right across the street from Central High School.

Has anything been decided here?

Checking the calendar, I discern that this gathering will NOT be held on Friday the 11th, unless you guys went underground to finalize it, in an attempt to foil any attempts by me to join you.

Is it next weekend, then? I’m not sure I can do it Saturday, but by all means don’t plan it around me. I do suggest that you just set a date, conflicts be damned, because you’ll never find a time when all interested parties can make it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I can make it to Detroit any time in July. My parents are coming out here on the 19th to celebrate my birthday, and the following weekend I’ll be celebrating the same with my teammates (two of us hit our golden birthdays in consecutive days, mine the 22nd, his the 23rd).

Hmm, I’ll start thinking about the fall and weekends before lacrosse starts. Would anyone even be willing to drive to Kalamazoo in the fall? Cranky, I know you’re only about an hour and a half away, and slortar lives here too. I could look into a couple restaurants downtown (Burdick’s or Ye Olde Peninsula) and Bell’s brewery, while Oberon is still available. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I’ve already sent an e-mail to Brynda about this, but I’ll post it here in this thread for the benefit of others.

Right now, the chances don’t look good for me to make it to the Dopefest next weekend. It has nothing to do with scheduling issues, but rather a problem with my hearing. It’s a long story, which I will detail in an upcoming thread in the Pit if my hearing does not improve in the next 48 hours or so.

A basic preview of my OP is this: my hearing dropped dramatically earlier tonight, and I am unable to understand speech at all. I attempted to call my parents about this and couldn’t understand a single word they said. This is not the first time my hearing has dropped recently, but it does appear to be the worst decrease. I was born severely deaf to begin with, so it wasn’t like I could afford to lose much hearing in the first place.

Suffice to say, trying to have a conversation in a group right now would be basically impossible. If it does improve enough by next weekend, I’ll come. If it doesn’t, then I will have rather big problems to deal with, and I hope you would understand if I was unable to attend.

Of course, Atreyu, we understand. I hope you get it figured out and cleared up. But you know, I’d be happy to bring a whiteboard and write like crazy all night if need be.

My sign language includes only those signs you teach a baby. But if you do sign, and want milk, see a fishie, or wish to be picked up, I’ll know immediately. LOL

wmulax93, I’d be up for a Kalamazoo excursion sometime this fall.

Well, I’m an idiot.

I checked this thread for two days after I posted it, saw only Atreyu’s response, and then assumed it was dead, dead, dead. Last I saw it, it was on page three or something. I was a little pissed and a lot hurt that no one responded (except for Atreyu, who is local and I know), so I dropped it.

O ye of little faith. Sorry, guys, I didn’t see any of these responses until late last night.

Now that I have screwed things up throughly, is there any chance you guys still want to do this? It is my only chance to go to LaShish, as Rick is very new food phobic, but will do anything for a chance to hang out with dopers.

**Atreyu, Shadowfox, Hello Again, Persephone, TheOnlySaneOne, Happy Lendervedder, tsarina, wmulax93, Cranky, ** what say you? Can you forgive me so that we can all go crazy with warm pitas and hummous?

Any weekend in the foreseeable future except for this Sunday (7/20) and the weekend of August 2 works for us.