"Detroiters" - TV show

I couldn’t find a thread on the TV show “Detroiters” (which has two seasons already) so I’ll start one myself.

It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in the past few years. Sam Richardson is hilarious on “Veep” and he’s equally hilarious on “Detroiters” as the co-owner of a bottom-of-the-barrel ad agency.

Maybe some of the attraction for me is nostalgia. I’m not from Detroit, but when I lived in Saskatchewan in the 80s and 90s, the cable company got NBC, ABC, and CBS feeds from Detroit, so I’m able to recognize quite a few Detroit references (Farmer Jack’s, Mel Farr Superstar, Mort Crim, Father & Son, etc.).

I never realised that so many notable comedians are from the Detroit area, either.

I’m a huge fan of this show. Now I am from Detroit, so I love all the little references. But even aside from the Detroit gags*, it’s a damn funny show. I hope it makes it to S3.

(My favorite was when they ordered a Vernors at a restaurant, and after the first sip, they both coughed!)

I watched both seasons. For those not familiar with the show, it’s a half-hour comedy about two guys who run a small advertising agency in Detroit, with mostly small local companies (generally, ones that appear to be fake) as clients. Occasionally, they’ll pitch to a major real-life company (Dodge or Quicken Loans). I’ve noticed that when this occurs, these companies sometimes have real commercials on the show. (I think Mad Men did something similar.)

Even the fake ones have connections to real Detroit businesses (or former businesses): Devereux Wigs parodying Dittrich Furs, Farmer Zach’s instead of Farmer Jack, Quick Rick Mahorn in Dearborn instead of Mel Farr Superstar, Mr. Alvin’s instead of Mr. Alan’s, Hunky Specs a brilliant send up of the all-too-real Sexy Specs.

Ha ha! He even does the weird “hand in the pocket” move; I was sure they made that up!

I love this show! I just discovered it this summer, and decided to watch it because I love Sam Richardson in Veep. The two main characters are really funny together.

I don’t really have any intimate knowledge of Detroit but I love media that is true to its location and really love it when the location becomes “another character.”

The show’s got a lot of heart, the best friends love each other, the siblings love each other, the families love each other. And they’re all completely ridiculous!

I love this show. It’s hilarious from start to finish even if you don’t know anything about Detroit (i don’t). First season episode with the crazy dad was my favorite.

That’s one of my favorite parts, the show is surprisingly wholesome.

Well, at least when they aren’t talking about Simpsons porn (Milhouse’s huge, dripping hog and blue public hair).