Detroit's Fattest In America?

So I was reading Y! News today and see Detroit Tops List of Fattest U.S. Cities

Ok, now I admit Michigan is nothing like a Phoenix or Miami in terms of the ladies but after reading the article, I’m curious. Did they do any real measurements at all? The article claims the study was done by:

So it’s cold here, we have massive suburban sprawl (I mean really, who wants to live in detroit-not even the demons go there), our commute times are long, and we have several chains of fast food stores. And this makes us fat? I’m curious is this an actual study or a random rip a list of cities with various qualities witchhunt?


You can determine how fat the people are who live in a given area by simply counting the number of health clubs, fast food joints, measuring commute times, and suchlike?

The word “crap” springs to mind.

Hard to tell without seeing the actual study, but to list a bunch of data they measure, and NOT ONE OF THEM being weight or body fat of residents it utter tripe.

Great. Trapped between the Fattest City in the United States (Detroit) and the Murder Capital of the U.S. (Chicago).

And I thought living in Central Michigan would make me feel safer…

I always thought the Mall of America proved who was fattest.

Dave Barry once said: “Are you fat? Take this simple test. Look out the window. If you see America, then you are fat.”

There’s got to be a way to use this, c’mon think!

I’m not fat, it’s my geography.

She’s Detroit sexy, LA porky.

Hmmm…I know there’s something better I’m missing. This study, bogus as it most certainly looks, is a fabulous rationalization if only I can put this here doughnut down and get a grip on it.

This is just my own experience, but I wouldn’t doubt the results. In fact, just about any city in the northern Midwest (Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis) seems interchangeable. A close second is the deep South, then a long dropoff to anyone else.

Hmm. This study was done by “Men’s Fitness” magazine? I’ve never heard of them; it sounds kinda shady and not very trustworthy.

Yeah, for a more balanced, reliable report on the health of a city, I’d try Men’s Health magazine, which recently ranked Memphis the overall unhealthiest city in the country for men.

Take that, Detroit! Ha! You posers can’t hold a candle to our barbecue joints, fried pork rinds, inactivity, and beer!

Mmmm, barbecue…

Thank God for Detriot!
Blackeyes, Houston native

I recall an article on TV claiming Pittsburgh as the fattest. It was a couple of years ago but I think they used a more direct measure like highest per capita qualifying as overweight, obese and morbidly so. I lead a tour group a few years back where there were a couple and an unrelated woman from Pittsburgh. They were mammoth. Bigger than any of the other Americans we saw and most of them were pretty chunky too. But those guys from PA… sweet Jesus!

Indianapolis used to have the honor. Must be because I moved to Virginia…

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