Dey looking for this homie, I got some tips for him

I don’t know why I keep clicking on this thread.

One of the great advantages of Discourse is the ‘mute thread’ option.

Consider that the textbook example of “depraved indifference for human life” as a condition for murder is shooting a gun into a crowd - you don’t necessarily intend for any individual to be killed, but your actions show you don’t much care if they do.

Pretty much my thoughts; he writes like someone with a brain injury

Is there a requirement to talk cops WITH counsel? If you have counsel with you???

Need answer fast and don’t trust the public defender?

As I understand it (and I repeat, IANAL), you have the right to consult your lawyer before talking to investigators. I don’t think that means that if your lawyer happens to be in the room with you when the cops come calling, you are obligated to talk to them right away.

In fact, AFAIK, you can just go on refusing to talk to investigators forever. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t continue pursuing their investigation. They can investigate you, arrest you, charge you, try you, convict you and jail you even if you never say a word.

That being the case, it would be best in almost all scenarios to keep one’s mouth shut.

Proceed as follow:

  1. accept that you may have to spend time to in jail while the process plays out. ACCEPTANCE IS KEY. There will be the temptation to talk your way out of it because you want to go home. Jail is awful.

  2. Wait to see what actual evidecne they have against you.

  3. Have counsel (a lawyer.)

  4. If you intend to commit crimes in the future, try to do it alone. Don’t have collaborators. That’s key to success as a criminal.

For someone that’s offering legal advice, you’re strangely in need of legal advice.
It’s almost as if you’re more full of shit than law.

Oooh! Ask him about lesser included offenses in re mopery.

Mopery: minor offenses…

Learned a new word today.

This is the least drug-addled thing you have said so far. Yes, never have/create/leave a witness.

But is Mopery a LIO of Dopery, or vice-versa?