Diabeetus, You have it now



I have no idea what this is supposed to be about, so I’m going to lock it.

FloatyGimpy PMed me to suggest that the point was “this is so sweet it will give you diabetes.” Good enough, I’ll reopen.

Bayesian Empirimancer, please make more of an effort to communicate your point when you start a thread.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

That fuzzy little blubburrito is indeed the pinnacle of polar cute. It might be outdone by a troupe of gallivanting penguins, but there’d have to be a lot of them.

Sigh. 45 second video of a baby harp seal cry for its mommy and struggling to get over a drift of ice. Mommy doesn’t show up but it finally makes it to the top of the drift.

No clubbing, just crying seals.

Baby seal walks into a bar.
Bartender says "what’ll it be?
The seal replies “Anything but a Canadian Club”

::: ducks and runs:::

OMG I am never harming the ozone ever again!!!

I’ve seen leaking seals, and weeping seals, but I ain’t never seen no crying seal.

here ya go

What about penguins in sweaters?

So, you’ve never blown a seal?

This penguin is having car trouble…

No! I ate ice cream right before that photo. How many times do I have to deny it.

That’s quite the seal face photobomb in the corner there…

Got it, I thought the video spoke for itself. If not, the OP is this is adorable

Yes, but some of us are reluctant to follow every link off the SDMB to a video, article, photo, etc. without some clue as to what’s being linked to. For one thing, there’s not enough hours in the day. Saying a video speaks for itself isn’t enough. Give us a hint as to what you’re linking to and why.

fresh hasenfeffer :smiley:

Thank you. This, this, so many times THIS.

Oh dear god the teeth! (That yawn always surprises me.)

I’m a fan of Stalking Cat.