Favorite Yahoo Answers.

We get some absurd questions here on the dope, but I’m not sure we can compete with some of the craziness of Yahoo Answers. There’s Why are the holes in cats fur always in the right places for their eyes?. Haven’t we all wondered that at one time or another? And there’s I watched Twilight last night with my girlfriend and now I think I am gay. Why? I knew there was something wrong with that movie. Just knew it.

But my personal favorite has got to be: Who won’t my parakeet eat my diarrhea? Next time, try spicing it up with some tobasco.

Post your favorites here.

Best answer ever

My favorite

Ahahahahaha! falls out of chair Hahahahahaha!

Um, I mean, that’s not funny!
No where near as not funny:


I will stay with the SDMB. Two links in and the grammar made me ill.

The always-classic: How is babby formed?

How do you kill a mountain walrus?

I love there’s a category for Walruses.

This is awesome, my stomach hurts from laughing! Love it!

I get tired of seeing, “These are my symptoms: do I have diabetes?” How can we know? Go see your doctor, fercryinoutloud.

Start this thread on 4chan /b/ and you’ll get hundreds of screencaps…


What in the DNA keeps a “house cat” from growing to the size of big cat? Like a siamese cat to lion?

Candle Jack

The whole Candle Jack thing is so stupid. I wish people would just drop this idiot meme. But Yahoo! Answers is caught up in the entire stupid dra

I love that the Yahoo Answers avatars automatically make everyone cute-looking with perfectly-averaged facial features like a Hilliard miniature. It’s impossible to give yourself an ugly avatar.

And lose about fifty IQ points – 30 from Yahoo Answers and 30 from 4chan.


I saw one a few years ago (no screencap or link, unfortunately) along the lines of:

What direction does the sun rise in your neighborhood?

I desperately hope this was meant as a joke.

Holy shit, that is the most sexist, base, terrible joke* I’ve seen in a while…
and I’ll admit to laughing for about three minutes straight.

  • I don’t hear many sexist, base, terrible jokes. I think I’ll go watch The Aristocrats.

How about a site dedicated to ridiculous questions?


Don’t mean to hijack, but I had to share this:

Give a medal to whichever lowly copy writer came up with that organ donation ad caption.

My fave.

I love how many people try to answer these questions with the straightest of faces, I know I couldn’t.