Diablo 3 is officially on the way to my house!

Just got the email that my special edition has shipped! Pretty pumped. I hope I can put it on both my laptop and desktop.

There’s no limit to the number of machines you can install it on since you’ll need to be online to play.

Also, you suck! Special edition was sold out by the time I went looking for one.

I ordered it from Best Buy like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was surprised it was still available. When did you try to get it?

Downloaded it to my machine last weekend, just waiting for midnight Monday to install (I presume that’s when they will let us install the thing). Pretty psyked, though I’m only going to get a couple of days to play before I’m leaving town for a couple of weeks (still no gaming laptop…really need to make the time to get one of those. Soon)


I got my ship notice Friday, and today when the doorbell rang my heart actually skipped a beat, I bolted downstairs and…no one was there! No person, slip, sign of anything! Of the many long years I’ve been living here someone had to choose today to doorbell prank me!!

No midnight play here I guess :frowning:

Downloaded it. Very excited.

Of course, I can’t tell for love or money if the game’s “Activation key” has been used or not. They took my money but I have no “Activation key” anywhere. The game is associated with my battle.net account, at least.

I already love that it’s still the creepy guitar music.

All installed and ready to play.

Battle.net has crashed, though, so you can’t play, as there is no offline option. :slight_smile:

The intro was amazing.

I get release day delivery tomorrow. Where I live, I tend to get deliveries either at the beginning or end of the route.

If the delivery guy just leaves it with the fucking super without actually ringing my apartment, I am going to rap him on the knuckles with Wirt’s Leg.

I ordered mine from Wal Mart. No indication that it has shipped or is preparing to ship. Annoying.

Out for Delivery. Gonna be hard to get much work done around here today.

Why order it retail anyway? You give Blizzard more money by buying from them, and you don’t have to worry about delivery time.

In my case, it was because I wanted the collector’s edition and Wal Mart still had it in stock.

Just arrived an hour ago. Emergency maintenance is preventing me from logging in.

Isn’t this what the beta is for?

I am not particularly committed to giving Blizzard more money. I am probably going to replace my computer soon, so having the media is preferable to downloading the whole thing again.

I had to work today, anyway, so the time spent waiting for delivery does not really impact my gaming much. If anything, it adds to the anticipation.

I could have bought it £27 from Amazon a few months ago whereas Blizzard are asking £45 for it.

Right now you can have mine for free, inasmuch as it isn’t working and every maintenance update sounds more panicked than the last.

Picked it up today and am installing it now. My god it is slow to install.

What do you get with the special edition?

Because it was $10 cheaper to get it from a local retailer, and it arrived five hours before servers went live, so that’s worth it in my eyes.