Diagnose me

Hi all,

Just a quick medical question. I’ve got a doctors appointment on Tuesday but I’m kinda curious about what my symptoms could mean.

I’m 26, male, ex-smoker (Gave it up on NYE).

I’ve got a loud and constant non-pulsatile tinnitus in both ears, but it seems significantly louder in the right ear. I’ve got discomfort in the entire right side of my face, particularly around my right temple and right eye. I’ve also got this funny lump in my neck on the place where you take your pulse. I don’t have a temperature or sore throat.

Any thoughts?

You’re wearing your headphones backwards (and you need to adjust the balance).

Do you mean funny ‘ha-ha’ or funny queer? :wink:

Seriously, what do you mean by funny? How big is it? Is it hard, throbbing? Tender, fixed in place, mobile, . . .?

Definitely funny queer :slight_smile: It’s about an inch big, on the right hand side of my neck, it feels firm and it hurts a bit if I put a little pressure on it. It’s not jutting out of my neck or anything, and I don’t think it’s visible to the naked eye, but if I tilt my head slightly to expose my right side I can definitely feel it. It seems to be right over the artery where you take your pulse in your neck.

The SDMB has a policy of not addressing specific medical conditions for reasons that should be obvious. Strangers playing medical speculation is not a good plan to follow.

I wasn’t aware of that, but as I said in my OP, I do have a doctors appointment for this anyway. I’m keen for an answer to satisfy mmy own curiosity but I can assure you I’m not going to take anyone’s word here as gospel :slight_smile:

This is a request for diagnosis of a medical condition. I’m obliged to close it.

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