Diagnose my wife please

My wife came through the door tonight, with an uncomfortable look on her face. I thought nothing of it, but then she set everything on the bed and laid on the bed. I raised a brow, but just thought she was tired. After a minute or two I came over from the computer and asked her if anything was wrong. She nodded and I sprang into action. Her face and mouth had gone numb as well as her left arm and leg, i think she had more mobility in her right-side limbs, just not as much as normal.

Apparently, she’d been this way for 2 hours prior and rather than tell her friend about it, she drove herself home. When she got to me she could hardly use her mouth/tongue to speak to me. She said her mouth burned only it was cold and it (the burning) moved from different areas; from her palates to her lips and tongue. She also stated she was unable to focus on anything very far away.

I tried over and over to bring her to the hospital, but she refused. She was cold so I covered her up with 3 blankets, but for the most part I felt quite helpless.

As she recovered from this, she told me that doctors had ran every conceivable test on her in Poland (where she’s from) and concluded she was perfectly healthy. The more she recovered, the more sleepy she became. She blamed this numbness on Migraine headaches and told me this has happened since she was 14.

I’ve been married to her for just going on 3 years and have never seen this happen, although in Poland she suffered from a few fainting spells; it seemed to happen if she was too emotionally excited (fight with her sister) and sometimes just out of the blue… I really believe the 2 things to be separate.

I’m just concerned about her and since she’ll have nothing to do with doctors I thought maybe a few experts might be watching.

Go. See. A. Doctor. ASAP.

I’m not a doctor.
There are a few doctors on this board. None of them will give you direct medical advice, sight unseen. Go see one. Drag her kicking and screaming if you have to, but get her to one.

She may not want to see a Doctor but is there really any way around it?

Even if those symptoms matched up with an known illness she would still require treatment, advice, testing, prescriptions, and so on.

Hopefully somebody can point you in a direction that gives you some ideas but my advice is to keep thinking about getting her to a Dr.

Take her to the ER yourself, or call an ambulance, however you do it GET HER TO A PHYSICIAN NOW! Time is important. Go, now. We can wait to see how she is until tomorrow. Grab some things for yourself, books, blanket, snacks etc. Also take any medicines you know she’s been taking, inluding OTC stuff. Take her now, and tell the ER nurses all that you posted. I doubt there will be any delay in them seeing her right away, but if there is, ask to speak to a head nurse and state what is going on. I’m sending good thoughts both your ways. Good luck.

Try to find out why she doesn’t want to go see a doctor. Maybe unpleasant experiences in Poland? Afraid of the doctor’s bills ? (I would, If I lived in the USA. People seem to go broke on hospital bills all the time). Maybe she’s afraid you’ll no longer love her if there is something wrong with her? (Seems likely, as she hasn’t told you this before).
Try to find out her objections and fears and try to take them away. Maybe cheaper care is available, or maybe you are well insured. Medical science has improved a bunch since your wife was 14. Poland isn’t USA. You insist on her going. Etc. Etc.

If you don’t succeed in getting your wife to a doctor, go yourself and explain the situation to him. Chances are that if you make the appointment, your wife may come grudgingly along anyway.

I am no doctor, but FWIW the first thing I thought about when reading your post was a stroke

If it IS a stroke, it’s vital that you get your wife to a doctor NOW.

Though IANAD, I would think that those symptoms could mean something very wrong, which needs prompt care to manage. I would get her in TONIGHT. Maybe see if you can get the nurses to explain to her that it was right, and a good thing to take her in so she could still be around to be grouchy at you? Take her in, be sure everything is alright, and then talk to her about why she was so afraid. It might be the sickness making her that way too. Sometimes people refuse medical care when ill, not because they would normally, but as a “side effect” of being ill. (That’s the best words I can get.) Please, take her in to be sure? It might not be any of those things that I linked. IANAD. You need a doctor to be sure that it isn’t.

These symptoms could possibly indicate a stroke. You should call an ambulance.

A stroke was my first thought too. Get her to a doctor.

Thinktank. While I sympathize with your problem, I’m closing this one. Even if some of the well-qualified Docs on this board came over, I’m sure they would tell you the same thing.

However you have to do it, get her to a doctor.

We don’t encourage medical threads which deal with a specific person with a specific problem. Certainly not when the problem could be potentially life-threatening.

I wish you luck in getting her to go.

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