Dialog with the Trump Side - Some Helpful Suggestions

First off, it is important to approach the other side with respect, and a concern for mutual understanding. “How does it feel to work for a fascist?” and then screaming racism when the other side responds by saying that this is a great country is always a good start.

Second, it is important that our prominent politicians remember the importance of expressing concerns peacefully. A good way to express your concerns peacefully is by throwing fireworks at the other side.

Of course, none of this happened, it doesn’t count, the GOP is worse, this kind of thing is fully justified, it didn’t happen, and anyone who says it did is lying for reasons to be determined later.


Allow me to be the first libtard on this message board to say that what she did was completely inappropriate and I am opposed to that kind of behaviour by fellow libtards.

Please accept my sincere apology on behalf of my fellow libtards.

We good?

First one looks like a nut pick, second one was the son. Unless you can show the son is a prominent politician. So, Shodan is indeed lying for… reasons.


Let us all strive for respectful communication and non-violent ways of expressing opposition to policy.

“This is a great country that allows you to be here.” What do you think Spicer meant by the portion of the statement you didn’t mention? FWIW, I am not in favor of calling the Trump administration fascists or throwing fireworks at political opponents.

Oh, did Trump make it great again already? I was busy yesterday, must have missed it.

I don’t see no libtard tears. Wonderful, bitter libtard tears. You’re not truly sorry until you weep bitter libtard tears.

In other words, bring a feather to a gunfight, then shut up when the other side complains about the size of the feather.

Fuck off.

I’m sorry, so sorry…

The part about respect and understanding may have constituted sarcasm.

I remain confused (regarding the Kaine article) about what a “knee strike” is, and the act(s) which constitute “second-degree riot”. Are there even lesser degrees of rioting? I can imagine sleazeballs in a holding pen sidling up to a suspect and asking him what he’s in for, and recoiling when he tells them it’s for fourth-degree rioting.*

*but then congratulating him when he adds “…and creating a nuisance.”

My takeaway from this OP is that people like Shodan, who are actually some of the more reasonable conservatives these days, are going to judge the left by the most extreme behavior of random leftward-oriented Americans, regardless of their lack of influence or following, let alone elected office.

But judging the right by that standard, there’s no other possible conclusion but that the right is a melding of the KKK and the Nazis.

But the OP’s implication is that we libtards aren’t supposed to judge the right that way. We apologize with sincere liberal groveling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kid, you clearly aren’t moral enough to join the Army. Get over on that Group W bench.

Now, kid! :wink:

Minnesota has three degrees of “riot”. They all involve 3 or more people assembled to threaten violence against people or property. First degree riot is when the person is armed with a dangerous weapon, and death reaults, the second is when the person is armed with a dangerous weapon or knows a fellow rioters is so armed, and death doesn’t result. Third is when the person isn’t armed and doesn’t know that anyone else is.
A knee strike can be one of two things, depending. Either the officer hits a suspect with his or her knee, or the officer hits the suspect on the back of the leg behind the knee, making the knee buckle. Both are used to incapacitate suspects.

You left something out: in a confrontation between the spokesperson for the most powerful person on earth, and some rando at a retail outlet, you’re more concerned that the RANDO isn’t showing enough respect?

You look at dialog between Trump supporters and Trump opponents–specifically at Spicer’s role in said dialog–and the thing you decide to start a thread about is how Spicer isn’t being treated with enough respect?

Sure. Maybe she should have tried harder not to hurt Spicer’s widdle feewings. Point taken. Now you want to deal with that lying motherfucker and teach HIM how to engage in respectful dialog?

Will no one give our rulers a safe space?! Why must conservatives have to hear opposing views?!?!

Heh, that’s a fair point. Spicy’s tenure as Press Secretary has been notable for the consistent and unwarranted disrespect that he personally has shown towards the media. If he’s going to act like an asshole all the time, he can’t really complain when he gets treated like an asshole.

Accepted. We good. I mean, screaming in the guy’s face while he’s shopping? Does that woman think she’s brave or something.

Nice try, but the Nazis were a spinoff of the National Socialist Party in Germany, and socialists are not rightists.

You’re right. A calm, simple “Have you no morals at all, you lying sack of shit fuckface?” would have been more than sufficient".

And the People’s Republic of China is something you would take joy in associating with, right?
Take your second grade wordplay elsewhere, idiot.