Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series

Okay, people. Outlander fans unite! What is your favourite scene/character/line… whatever. I love them… the’re so much fun. I guess my favourite non-main character is Master Raymond…I can’t wait to find out how he comes back into the book… what the heck will he be doing in 18th century America?
My favourite scene would be when Claire asks Joe Abernathy to evaluate her sexual attractiveness, and my favourite line is, “What possessed ye, woman, to hit me in the heid wi’ a fish whilst I was fighting for my life?!”
What are you waiting for in the next book? Anyone know when it’s coming out?

I got “The Fiery Cross” for Christmas and I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. It’s not that I’m not a fan; it’s just that I feel daunted by the task of remembering all the details I’ve forgotten.

I think my favorite scenes are from the first book. First, when Jamie spanked/beat Claire. The only reason that scene is a favorite is that I admired Gabaldon’s courage in including such a thing; it’s certainly not PC to have a romantic hero actually slap a woman around, but I think it was accurate for his character and (more importantly) the time period. I think I started the take the book a little more seriously at that point. It was risky to write him that way, but it worked.

Second, the point where she sees a smallpox vaccination scar on a certain character (I won’t spoil it). I nearly dropped the book, I was so surprised.

I love Gabaldon’s books! The biggest disappointment about Fiery Cross, IMO, is the lack of humor which had been a staple in the Outlander series. Smile, people!

My favorite scene is the wedding night scene. Second favorite scene is the meeting of Brianna and Jamie. Favorite line? Gosh, there are so many…give me some time.


There are so many wonderful scenes and lines…when I first read them I cried, I laughed (the scene in Outlander where Jamie is explaining sex to his young nephew had me rolling on the floor, trying so hard not to pee my pants)

And when Jamie and Claire meet Mrs. Abernathy…I screamed “Holy Sh–” That one hit me out of left field.

Fiery Cross was not as good, but from what I understand, it was supposed to be the last one, but it was so long DG had to split it in two. The next one is Sons of Liberty or something. FC took a long time to get going, and only starts cracking in the last 100 pages.

Excellent writing, fully dimensional characters…a wonderful love story. ABC picked up the rights to do a miniseries, but the option expired in January, and I’m somewhat glad. It was only going to be 4 hour series…I’m hoping A&E picks it up and does it right with at least a 6-8 hour series.

I read the first one. I didn’t dislike it, and was vaguely interested in reading the next book, but it’s not on the top of my list. I think the book sort of suffered from a problem deciding what it was…Is it about Claire’s love for Jamie? Is it about her attempt to understand and adapt to the 18th century highlands? I think that the book tries to be too ambitious…I guess I would have liked it better if she downplayed the romance and made it more of a “woman lost in time” book.

Agreed. I read the first one or two of these books. I liked 'em at first, but then they turned rather soap-opera-ey. Kind of like Jane Auel’s Clan of the Cave bear books. They were great when they concentrated on the time period, the interaction between the different characters, etc. When they turned into soft-porn romance novels, I put 'em down.

Do the Outlander books get better, or do they stay in the romance vein?

Book Two:

It’s 20 years later. Claire and her daughter knock on the door of the vicar’s house in Scotland and meet his foster son, Roger, now all grown up. Claire wants Roger to do research on the men who died at Culloden 200 years ago…she has names and clans.

So you start reading…what the hell happened? Last I knew she and Jamie were happily in France expecting a baby! Why is she back in modern times?

Then the story is told. And I still cry like a baby every time I read the last few pages…and the ending will make you want to grab book 3.

Sorry to bump the thread, but I borrowed a copy of Outlander from my Mom a while back, but only just read it this week.

I am so addicted. I had to go buy Dragonfly last night before my 12 hour shift today.

So forgive me, I probably won’t be paying much attention to anything else all day today! :smiley:

I liked The Fiery Cross, but it took me a long time to read because I didn’t want it to be over. FC wasn’t supposed to be the last one, the series was originally going to be six books, but DG didn’t get as far as she’d expected with FC so now it’s going to be at least seven.

There is also a prequel planned that will be three short novellas (Brian & Ellen’s story, Dougal & Column’s, and Murtagh’s). There will also be another companion after the the main series is done.

Cranky, if you have time, you might want to re-read the entire series before reading FC. I do that everytime a new one comes out. Hell, I read the series as least once a year, I’d guess.

She has a fairly decenthomepage , but beware there are spoilers all over the site.

I’m lucky that she lives in a neighbouring city, when Fiery Cross came out and she started doing signings, I was able to get a book signed (the companion), a picture taken :), and during another local event heard her speak for about an hour.

This is my favorite series, bar none. I have read the books well over 10 times each, and axiously await each new addition. I have read all the books up to Fiery Cross to my DH, and he loves them as well, although, naturally, he sees things from a man’s point of view and it is quite different from mine. Jamie is his new hero.

One of my favorite scenes is where Jamie and Ian confront the snake in the outhouse. The wedding night is on everyone’s list, and the departure from the fields of Culloden makes me cry every time.

Favorite non-main characters are Master Raymond and Mother Hildegard.

Fiery Cross does not have the same sense of urgency that the others have, especially Dragonfly in Amber, but overall I liked it as well. I had not heard about the options being dropped on the mini series. I was not looking forward to that at all. There is just too much detail in the books, and the mini series would never stand up to the books, and I think would actually hurt their reputation. I have a firm picture of all the characters in my head, I do not want to suddenly have my image of Claire or Jamie being played by Rachel Weis and Jude Law, as has been suggested on another board. And as much as I love Mel Gibson, he’s no Jamie.

I could maybe see Heath Ledger playing Jamie. Maybe.


<hijack>Every time I see “DH”, I think of it as Designated Husband.</hijack>

"I could maybe see Heath Ledger playing Jamie. Maybe. "

No, we need a big redhead. How about the guy who played Hamish in Braveheart? And I know is obvious, but I think Alex Kingston would make a great Claire.

I’ve got some insider information regarding Master Raymond (Diana’s a friend of my mother’s) and as I recall he’s getting his own story/book at some point.

A while back there was some online speculation as to the end of the series. The running joke was that it would end in the twentieth century, with Claire and Jamie on the couch in front of the TV. Jamie turns to Claire, looks at her lovingly, and says …

“Claire … I dinna ken what is an ‘ex-parrot’.”

One of the things I like about the Outlander books is that they are very clearly romance, but the author made a real effort to make them interesting and different from the usual romance genre offerings. That said, they’re still romance novels. So no, I don’ t think they get “better” if that means “less romance” to you. But I do think the author maintains her goal of creating romance novels with a different twist to them.