Diarrhea Medical Question

Can mild weakness, very mild abdominal pain and a following of sudden onset of diarrhea be caused by some type of alcohol poisoning? Additionally, could these signs and symptoms be delayed by over 60 hours with the diarrhea being delayed by over 70 hours?

Basically, what I am asking is can a beer binge accompanied by vomiting cause damage to the liver which could cause this weakness, discomfort and diarrhea with a delayed onset of 60 hours? Or should I assume that these symptoms are attributable to something totally different? I normally would assume the symptoms are unrelated to the alcohol, but my lifestyle and diet were totally normal up until these symptoms, eating out only three times at my regular restaurants at 9 hours, 48 hours and then Wendy’s nuggets at 69 hours.


IMO, and from personal experience, I eat “normal” stuff rarely and have a mild bout of cramps and associated symptoms at some points. Pretty much impossible to point to any one thing, but I would think that it would much more likely be something you ate (like the 48 hour meal), rather than a 2.5 day old drinking binge.

I am not a doctor of course, and have also never had a binge, so I cannot say this for certain.