Dicewars - Fun game

You can find it here:
The rules:

If you roll higher than the opponent, you kill all his dice on that square

You get one extra dice for each territory that is connected to your largest cluster of territories, placed at random.

Fun game. But it’s too easy to win after the first few games

Nice little game, like a compact version of Risk. I find that if you select a 7- or 8-player game and deliberately choose a weak starting position, it can be quite challenging to get yourself established - sometimes you get wiped out before you can do much about it. Once you are established, though, the AI is not strong enough to resist, unless one opponent has become dominant in the meantime.

I think this game is going to get me fired. Thanks

If you get an entrenched, strong opponent, the end game can take a looooooooooooooooooong time.

Argh! It appears the rules of probability do not apply to me.

Don’t miss out on the new multiplayer version.