Great game I just found online.


Similar to risk, but more dynamic and faster.

I was addicted to kdice a while back.

How did you kick it? I have some work I really should be doing.

Well I got a new job and it didn’t seem prudent to start my new job by playing kDice.

So I guess…cold turkey.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s the only site other than the SDMB that got my money. I loved the game, and figured it was worth tossing the guy five bucks to keep up the good work. I still log on every now and then and play a couple of games.

They made some rule changes about a year and a half ago that I didn’t agree with, so I just stopped playing. Used to be you could milk points out of people who refused to quit, but they took that out. I found it to be a legitimate tactic and didn’t agree with the removal.

You can do that now Captain C, on the higher tables.

Looking at it now for the first time. Is it just multi-player Dice Wars? Any differences in game play?

Its the same. Except the opposition doesn’t play atrociously bad.

I’ve noticed there seem to be a few different versions around - the first one I played the AI was pretty random, but then in this version the computer players actually team up if one player grows too powerful. Still not hard to beat, but you at least have to try - unlike a lot of other risk and risk-variants out there.

Like Hal, I got hooked through the bag a while back.

Then I switched jobs, and couldn’t get to it for a while… and when I returned, they had just implemented the new rules.

I never really picked it back up.

I’ve played a little, but I find that my connection hangs faaaaar too often for my liking - I’ll be doing fine, and then for two or three turns, I can’t submit my moves, and end up losing as a result…

I still play occasionally.